Central Coast Filmmaker Showcase

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Pacific Eye logoThe San Luis Obispo International Film Festival is proud to showcase this eclectic mix of films written, directed and/or produced by residents of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Monterey Counties. Central Coast talent will be featured in venues all over SLO County on Sunday, March 9, followed by an awards presentation before our Closing Night film.

JODY NELSON is a Santa Barbara filmmaker, and specializes in documentary and short narrative films. She has also designed and led film production classes for adults and children, including stints with the SLOIFF Youth Summer Filmmaking Camps.
JOE PATANE has produced several health and wellness videos, and started his “Dream Camps” program for emotionally and behaviorly-challenged youth in 2007. Since then, several of their films have been screened in our Central Coast Filmmaker Showcase.
Joe now lives in San Luis Obispo and has been a SLOIFF board member for several years.


“Art Without Boundaries” is a documentary portrayal of how an innovative method for treating sufferers of Alzheimer’s, autism, and dementia through directed painting was devised by Noell Hammer in 2008. This method, known as “Mneme Therapy”, has had an astonishing effect in improving the quality of life of hundreds of patients and their families. From Los Osos filmmaker, Celia Zaentz.
36 min.
Sunday, March 9, 10am   Palm Theatre

HERITAGE STEINBECK: Honoring Family, Cultivating Land, Touching Lives
The Steinbeck family celebrates a 130-year heritage in California agriculture. The documentary explores the generational history and honors the story of a B-26 military plane crash on the family property that happened in the 1950s. The family passion for farming wine grapes and making wine is a testament to its resolve to continue its legacy. 32 min.
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   Palm Theatre

20-year-old filmmaker Trevor Nelson presents a touching personal story, as told by his mother, Laura. After discovering her son had mental health issues such as ADHD, they tried several common drugs. But when Trevor’s health got worse, she turned to an artificial color, flavor and preservative-free diet which changed everything. This film is a tribute
to a mother’s determination and devotion. 7 min.
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   Downtown Cinemas

Fort Ord in California was abandoned and gifted to Monterey County in 1994. It was one of the largest and most important Army installations in the nation. Almost 20 years later, the community continues to be divided about what to do with the San Francisco-sized property, dotted with toxic blight and an epic wilderness. 24 min.
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   Palm Theatre

At the age of 12, Giovanni Douresseau weighed 280 pounds when he was taken on his first surf trip. He fell in love with the feeling of riding a wave and met a mentor figure who helped him move past his rough, fatherless upbringing in LA. to completely turn his life around. 10 years later, Giovanni has lost over 100 pounds and attempts to give underprivileged kids the gift of surfing that was given to him many years ago. 20 min.
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   Avila Beach Community Center

A nostalgic and personal memory of LA’s grand Hollywood Boulevard, from the late 40’s to the present. Stories from the personal view point of filmmaker and writer, David Baumgarten, are told with wonderful archival photos and footage. 25 min.
Sunday, March 9, 10am   Palm Theatre

A group of individuals in the city of San Luis Obispo were interviewed about what brings them passion and purpose in their lives and professions. Filmmaker Jennifer Alton, a lawyer and writer with a love of history and humanity, asks some big questions: How were you called to your profession? Who has inspired you? What is your vision of the future in 100 years? The final film was put into a time capsule to be opened in 2113. 53 min.
Sunday, March 9, 10am   Downtown Cinemas

Timo's FaceTIMO’S FACE
Have you ever wondered how a mask is made? Local artist and musician, Timo Beckwith walks us through the five-day process, wordlessly revealed in an intimate and succinct fashion. We witness the joy and intensity of a master artist immersed in his work, as Garry Eister quietly captures his performance. 14 min
Sunday, March 9, 10am   Downtown Cinemas


A college couple are forced into a dangerous game of cat and mouse after being involved in a car accident. After seeking help from a nearby man, they soon realize he has alternate and deadly intentions for them. Over the next 24 hours they will unravel the clues to the mystery. Written and directed by Jesse Stanley. 106 min.
Sunday, March 9, 10am   Palm Theatre

After a disturbance in his attic, Count Dracula finds a film camera. He is off on a journey to become a professional photographer – if he can only overcome his big problem with taking photos in light! Produced by an Intermediate Filmmaking Class at Allan Hancock College. 12 min.
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   Downtown Cinemas

Sponsored by San Luis Obispo COASTKEEPER®
Over the course of one night, four actresses disguise themselves as men in order to get away with robbery. Denise, their newest recruit, is brought on for her ‘audition.’ The only problem is, she’s told their late night antics are ‘extreme improv’ instead of extremely illegal. This debut comedy short by Chris Daly stars a cast of local actors. 39 min.
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   Downtown Cinemas

Lucky 13thLUCKY 13th
Riley’s life is turned upside down when she wakes up one morning with a new ‘lust’ for life. She takes us on a roller coaster of sex, regret…and more sex! Who will win Riley’s battle within? And you thought the 13th was unlucky… 15 min.
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   Downtown Cinemas

Adventure Club SLO presents an original film adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The
Two Gentlemen of Verona.” Best friends, Proteus and Valentine, leave their country life behind to seek adventure and fun in the big city. Down on their luck, they are discovered by a notorious B movie producer who mistakes Valentine for former child actor, Tommy Benjamin. Drama, comedy and romance ensues. Johnee Gange leads his team of Adventure Club writers and actors, with this non-traditional program for people with special needs. Hollywood actor, Ted Levine, lends his expertise, in front of and behind the camera. 78 min.
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   Park Cinemas


Put A Lid On It 1-Ellen OsbornePUT A LID ON IT
A mesmerizing cat, pesky ants, a love struck hound, a flirtatious poodle, and Escher-esque swans swoop through unexpected adventures and libations amongst kaleidoscopic tulips, Scottish Highlands, a Paris alley, and a hopping CAT CLUB. A zippy, dreamy, surreal flight accompanied by a jazzy, torchy nightclub song. By Carmel Valley’s Ellen Osborne. 3 min.
Sunday, March 9, 10am   Palm Theatre

An adult socio-political spoof of “Schoolhouse Rock.” Original SHR cast member
Essra Mohawk and Supremes Scherrie Payne and Susaye Greene give us a musical
history lesson about the struggle for gay rights and the famous gays and lesbians
whose contributions have helped shape our society. 3 min.
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   Downtown Cinemas