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with writer/film critic Kirk Honeycutt
Sponsored by Union Bank and Q104.5

the breakfastclubThere is probably no other writer/director as well known for making financially and critically successful movies with a “coming of age” theme than John Hughes. He wrote 46 movies, produced 23 and directed 8 and his powerful influence in Hollywood can still be felt, although sadly he passed away in 2009. Author and film critic, Kirk Honeycutt will lead a discussion about the genius behind such hits as FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, HOME ALONE, THE BREAKFAST CLUB, PRETTY IN PINK and many more. Hughes’ career is the subject of his new biography, John Hughes – A Life in Film, being released in March 2015.

Join us for a screening of THE BREAKFAST CLUB with some invited guests who will join Honeycutt to talk about John Hughes and his affinity for making iconic and important “coming of age” films.

Former chief film critic at the The Hollywood Reporter, Kirk Honeycutt has written the first complete illustrated tribute to this legendary writer/producer/director. He will be signing his new book on Saturday, March 14 at Barnes & Noble at 2pm.  MOVIE TRAILER

BUY NOWFriday, March 13 – Fremont Theatre, SLO – 8:30pm
$12 General / $10 Student/SLOIFF Film Society
All Festival Passes welcome

THE CROWD with Kirk Honeycutt
Sponsored by Hyde Park Partners / Tom Sant & Susan Hirsch

220px-Crowd-1928-PosterConsidered one of King Vidor’s best films, THE CROWD is a crowd pleaser! Film critic and author, Kirk Honeycutt will introduce this Oscar nominated 1928 silent classic and share some interesting background on the film and its director who is the namesake of our annual award for excellence in filmmaking.

THE CROWD tells the story about the average man, and his struggle to succeed and fight financial ruin. While top-billing goes to Vidor’s wife, Eleanor Boardman, the movie belongs to an unknown named James Murray, who, in his debut performance as a movie actor, gives a remarkable performance as an ordinary American man with high ambitions. The movie about “ordinary people” was perhaps too real for many when it was released in 1928, but in the decades to follow it has been hailed as a cinematic masterpiece. Drama/Romance. 98 min.
Sunday, March 15, 10:00am – Mission Cinemas, SLO
$10 General / $8 Students & SLOIFF Film Society All Passes accepted.

Farmer young tractorFARMLAND
Sponsored by SLO Farm Bureau
Most Americans have never set foot on a farm or ranch, or even spoken with the people who grow and raise the food we eat. FARMLAND takes an intimate look at the lives of six young farmers and ranchers, all in their twenties and thirties, responsible for running their own agriculture businesses. Academy Award winning director James Moll travels across the country to capture a first-hand glimpse into this high-risk/high-reward job, along the way discovering the passion these farmers have for a way of life, passed down from generation to generation, which continues to evolve. This is a 70 min. documentary. Watch movie trailer and read more about the film.

On Friday, March 13, the SLO Farm Bureau is hosting a VIP Special Event Pre-Screening Party from 5:00 – 6:30pm at the historic San Luis Obispo Masonic Lodge, 859 Marsh Street, SLO (just steps from the movie at the Downtown Cinemas.) Featuring the cuisine of Chef Charles Paladin-Wayne with wines, craft beer and non-alcoholic beverages; gift bags and a Selfie-Center for Social Media fun, the ticket includes the film screening and preferred seating until 6:45pm. Dr. Scott Vernon, from Cal Poly’s Dept. of Agriculture will be on hand for a casual discussion after the film.

Friday, March 13
5:00pm – Reception at SLO Masonic Lodge – $50 party & movie
7:00pm – Movie at Downtown Cinemas – $12 for movie onlyBUY NOW
FARMLAND will also screen on Sunday, March 15 at 4pm at the Galaxy Theatre in Atascadero. Those tickets will be available at the box office, day of show. All festival passes are welcome.

Sponsored by Cal Poly Center for Expressive Technologies
In a career spanning more than five decades, Frieda Caplan, the “Queen of Kiwi,” the first woman to break into the L.A. Wholesale Produce business, has introduced more than 200 exotic fruits and vegetables to the U.S., transforming the supermarket produce department. The film chronicles Frieda’s rise against the odds, introducing the kiwifruit to
America in 1962, taking the business to the next level with her two daughters at the helm, and establishing her impact on American cuisine. The film culminates here in San Luis
Obispo, at Cal Poly State University, with a tireless 91-year-old Frieda receiving an honorary doctorate last June, 2014. USA. 97 min.
Watch Trailer
Movie Website

BUY NOWFrieda Caplan will be in attendance for a Q&A with the film’s director/producer, Mark Brian Smith. SLOIFF Board member Denise Dudley will moderate. Tickets are available through the pacslo.org box office.

Wed, March 11, 7pm – Alex & Faye Spanos Theatre, Cal Poly
Also screens on Thursday, March 12, 1pm – Downtown Cinemas, SLO

with Stephen Jenkinson
Sponsored by Hospice of San Luis Obispo County

Tim Wilson’s 2008 National Film Board documentary introduces us to Canadian Stephen Jenkinson, once the leader of a palliative care counseling team at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital. Through his daytime job, he has been at the deathbed of well over 1,000 people. What he sees over and over, he says, is “a wretched anxiety and an existential terror” even when there is no pain. Indicting the practice of palliative care itself, he has made it his life’s mission to change the way we die – to turn the act of dying from denial and resistance into an essential part of life. Wilson has done a beautiful job of weaving together JenGriefwalkerkinson’s calm inspirational philosophy with poignant interviews and scenes of the stunning Canadian wilderness he lives in. This is truly a beautiful and important film and we are excited to share it with Central Coast audiences.

And what a bonus!! Stephen Jenkinson will be in attendance and will be on hand for a Q&A after the film. He will be in San Luis Obispo the following week for a reading and signing of his book Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul on March 20 and a day-long seminar on March 21. For more information: http://orphanwisdom.com/events/

Sunday, March 15    4:00pm    Downtown Center Cinemas, San Luis Obispo
Tickets will be available day of show at the theatre box office. All festival passes will be accepted and pass holders get priority seating up to 15 min. before the screening.

with Writer/Director/Painter George Gallo
Sponsored by Seaside Gallery, La Perla Del Mar & KCBX

We are delighted to collaborate with Seaside Gallery in Pismo Beach to present a film made by writer/director and talented artist, George Gallo. Best known for Hollywood hits like MIDNIGHT RUN, WISE GUYS and BAD BOYS, George Gallo is also well known in the art world for his impressionist paintings. Having grown up with a passion for art, he was fortunate enough to cross paths with Russian painter, George Cherepov who became a major influence in his life. He captured his own story in a wonderful “coming of age” independent movie called LOCAL COLOR, released in 2006.

Between screenings of the film on Friday, March 13 in downtown San Luis Obispo and Sunday, March 15 in Pismo Beach, Gallo will be at Seaside Gallery on Saturday, March 14 from 1-4pm for an Artists Reception. He will also be on hand for a Q&A at each of the screenings. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet an inspirational artist/filmmaker, who has also authored a book, Impressionist Painting for Landscapes. MOVIE TRAILER.

Friday, March 13 – Downtown Cinemas, SLO – 7:00pm
Sunday, March 15 – La Perla Del Mar, Pismo Beach – 1:00pm
Tickets will be available day of show at the door: $12 General / $10 Student/SLOIFF Film Society / All Festival Passes welcome (pass holders get priority seating.

Sponsored by Lou and Ann Robinson
What evokes happy childhood memories better than Looney Tunes cartoons? Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester and more were all created back in the 40’s and 50’s and are still some of the best cartoons ever made. Recently Warner Brothers chose nine of their all-time most popular cartoons and packaged them in a collection that we’ll be highlighting throughout the SLOIFF this year at the Downtown Cinemas. Enjoy classics like “Little Red Riding Rabbit,” “Rabbit Seasoning,” and “Mouse Wreckers” as you munch on popcorn before SLOIFF screenings. You never know what will pop up, but you can be sure it will be Looney!
Wednesday – Sunday Downtown Cinemas, SLO

Sponsored by The Women’s Legacy Fund

Direct from its January 2015 premiere at Sundance, The SLOIFF is delighted to bring THE MASK YOU LIVE IN to audiences in San Luis Obispo. This brand new documentary is made by Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Jennifer Congdon, the filmmakers who premiered MISS REPRESENTATION at Sundance, followed by the SLOIFF in 2011.

Their new film follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity. Pressured by the media, their peer group, and even the adults in their lives, they confront messages encouraging them to disconnect from their emotions, devalue authentic friendships, objectify and degrade women, and resolve conflicts through violence. These gender stereotypes interconnect with race, class, and circumstance, creating a maze of identity issues boys and young men must navigate to become “real” men. MOVIE TRAILER.

THE MASK YOU LIVE IN ultimately illustrates how we, as a society, can raise a
healthier generation of boys and young men. After the film, Jessica Anthony, one of the film’s producers will join Dr. Rosyln Caldwell, leader of the Bakari Project at Cal Poly, and Tom Harrington, Paso Robles High Assistant Principal to discuss the issues in the film and take questions from the audience. Women’s Legacy Fund CEO Heidi McPherson will moderate.

BUY NOWSaturday, March 14 – Fremont Theatre, SLO – 3:00pm
$12 General / $10 Student/SLOIFF Film Society
All Festival Passes welcome

Sponsored by Tooth & Nail Winery, SLO Wine Country and Krush 92.5

For over three centuries Bordeaux has commanded an almost mythical status in the world of wine as a symbol of wealth, power and influence. But recently prices for the prestige red wines have been skyrocketing. Something unprecedented is happening to the Bordeaux fine wine market and that something is China.

Red Obsession sets out to explore the Bordeaux phenomenon. Just how good can
really good wine be? What compels a cashed up industrialist to pay hundreds of
thousands of dollars for a single bottle? Is it taste, prestige or investment that is driving
the demand for the wines of Bordeaux? Or is it simply the need to own something
ethereal, unworldly and limited? Red Obsession is a story of aspiration for greatness.
It is also a study of power and passion in high places and the economic power shift
from West to East. Narrated by Russell Crowe. Documentary. Australia/China/France/
Hong Kong/UK. 75 min. MOVIE TRAILER.

Toothnail logoJoin us for a pre-screening reception on Thursday, March 12 at the new Tooth & Nail Winery (formerly Eagle Castle) where you’ll be treated to delectable appetizers from their award-winning chef and first-class wines, all in the charmingly eccentric setting of this spectacular winery on Highway 46 West, a 10-15 drive from the Park Cinemas.
On Sunday, March 15, the film will be screened again at the Fremont Theatre in SLO, with a pre-screening wine tasting sponsored by SLO Wine Country Association in the lobby.

Thursday, March 12
Reception and Movie: Tooth & Nail Winery Reception, 5:30pm

$30 – Tickets online/at door, Mogul Passes AcceptedBUY NOW
Movie Only: Park Cinemas, 7:00pm
$12 General/$10 Students & SLOIFF Film Society – All passes welcome

Sunday, March 15, 3:00pm Fremont Theatre, San Luis Obispo
Movie & Wine Tasting – $12 General/$10 Students & SLOIFF Film Society – All passes welcome

Sammy Keyes Undercovered & FLIPPED with Wendelin Van Draanen
Sponsored by BGA and The Movie Experience

Sammy Keyes Undercover STILL_02Wendelin Van Draanen has written more than thirty novels for young readers and teens. She is the author of the long-running Edgar-winning SAMMY KEYES series, and wrote FLIPPED which became a Warner Brothers feature film in 2010 with
Rob Reiner directing. The film was honored with Heartland Film’s “Truly Moving Picture Award” for its “transformative powers.” Her other stand-alone titles include RUNAWAY, CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL KISSER, SWEAR TO HOWDY, and most recently THE RUNNING DREAM which has become required reading in many schools around the country and was awarded ALA’s prestigious Schneider Family Award for its portrayal of the disability experience. Van Draanen has also created the Gecko & Sticky books, and the Shredderman books which received the Christopher Award for “affirming the highest values of the human spirit” and became a Nickelodeon made-for-TV movie. A classroom teacher for fifteen years, Van Draanen is a longtime Central Coast resident.

SAMMY KEYES UNCOVERED, a short documentary produced by the Puyallup Public Library and directed by children’s literature expert Dr. Tim Wadham, will give a little background about Van Draanen and her book series that is set in familiar locations around Santa Maria. Following that, she will introduce a screening of her 2010_flipped_019coming-of-age hit movie, FLIPPED, and share the behind-the-scenes story of having her book adapted into a Hollywood movie by celebrity director/writer/actor, Rob Reiner. FLIPPED tells the story of two eighth-graders who, after years of friendship, start to have feelings for each other despite being total opposites. Comedy/Drama/Romance. 90 min. PG  MOVIE FEATURETTE.

Saturday, March 14, 10:00am – Mission Cinemas, SLO
$12 General / $10 Students & SLOIFF Film Society – All Passes accepted.

Sponsored by Curly, Larry & Mo and the Tribune

singin-in-the-rain-1One the big hits of 1952 with two Oscar nominations, SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN remains one of the great Hollywood musicals. Toe tapping music, memorable dance numbers and a story right out Hollywood history, this film helped make stars out of fledgling actors, Debbie
Reynolds and Donald O’Connor. Debbie Reynolds literally learned to dance on the set, coached privately by Fred Astaire!

It’s 1927. Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) are the darlings of the silent silver screen. Offscreen, Don, aided by his happy-go-lucky friend and piano accompanist, Cosmo Brown (Donald O’Connor), has to dodge Lina’s romantic overtures, especially when he falls for chorus girl Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds.) With the advent of sound in motion pictures, the studio decides to turn Don and Lina’s new film into a “talkie” – and a musical at that. The only problem is Lina’s voice, which mere words cannot describe. Thus, Kathy is brought on to dub her speaking and singing voice in secret, and Don is on top of the world. Until Lina finds out…

singin_in_the_rain_oconnor_reynolds_kelly_good_mornin_couchEnjoy singing aloud to songs like “Make ‘Em Laugh”, “Good Morning”, “You Are My Lucky Star” and of course, “Singin’ in the Rain” with Debbie, Gene and Donald…and several hundred other fellow movie lovers. The San Luis Obispo Little Theatre cast straight from their Feb/March SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN production will help kick off the singing too!

And come early to see the costume display that will include a few of Debbie Reynolds original costumes worn in the movie, courtesy of Todd Fisher and Hollywood Motion Picture Studios. MOVIE TRAILER.

Sunday, March 15, 6:30pm / Fremont Theatre
$12 General / $10 Students & SLOIFF Film Society – All passes welcome.
Tickets will be available at the Fremont Theatre box office.

Sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Marathon

From the filmmakers who brought you the award-winning documentary SPIRIT OF THE MARATHON (screened at the SLOIFF several years ago) comes the long anticipated Saint Peter'ssequel. Featuring the personal journeys of a new cast of seven athletes as they run the iconic streets of Rome, Italy, the film also includes interviews with marathon greats such as Stefano Baldini, Paula Radcliffe, Frank Shorter and many others. An entirely new running adventure, SPIRIT OF THE MARATHON II expands upon the first film looking further into this legendary event, its significance in people’s lives and ultimate impact on society. MOVIE TRAILER.

Join SLO Marathon organizers Heather Hellman and Samantha Pruitt and the producer of the movie, Megan Williams, for a ‘spirited’ Q&A after the film, followed by a Pub Run through downtown San Luis Obispo. For more information about this event and the April 24-26 SLO Marathan, go to slomarathon.com.

BUY NOWSaturday, March 14 – Fremont Theatre, SLO – 12:00pm
$12 General / $7 Special Student Price
All Festival Passes welcome