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marikakidshiresI AM NOT A ROCK STAR
Sponsored by SLO Movie Group
Over an eight-year span, filmmaker Bobbi Jo Hart followed the gritty coming-of-age story of Montreal pianist, Marika Bournaki whose life has centered around becoming a world class concert pianist since age five. Shot in cinema verité style – from age 12 until age 20 – in rehearsal rooms, hotels, airports and concert halls around the world, the film offers a compelling look inside the insular world of classical music through Marika’s often tumultuous journey to find her own voice. Hart’s insightful and fascinating film explores the universal themes of dreams, family, sacrifice and growing up. Canada. 85 min.
Saturday, March 8, 10am   Avila Beach Community Center
Saturday, March 8, 1pm   Downtown Cinemas
Director: Bobbi Jo Hart    Producer: Robbie Hart    Writer: Bobbi Jo Hart
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Sponsored by MedStops Medical Clinics
Icebound is the fascinating tale of the 1925 Serum Run – an epic effort by more than 30 men and their dogsled teams racing against time, winter storms and the wilderness to save the isolated village of Nome, Alaska from a deadly outbreak of diphtheria. This story is what legends are made of – it was the inspiration for the annual Iditarod race and made famous by the Spielberg animated film Balto. Rare photographs, newsreels and interviews with the last surviving witnesses who provide a personal narrative, bring the heroic nature of this truly amazing feat to life. USA. 90 min.
Saturday, March 8, 4pm   Palm Theatre
Sunday, March 9, 4pm   Downtown Cinemas
Director: Daniel Anker
Producer: Daniel Anker & Tiffany Peckosh
Writer: Daniel Anker & Susan Kim
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5_LordMontagu_Posterwebres_RGB1-460x260LORD MONTAGU
Sponsored by Paul G. Metchik,
Attorney at Law

At the age of two, Lord Edward Montagu inherited Beaulieu, his family’s 7,000 acre English estate. Across England, these historic houses were being demolished but in a bold effort to save his home, 25-year-old Edward Montagu, challenged aristocratic conventions and opened his home as a public tourist attraction. Very quickly, Beaulieu began generating revenue and Montagu’s heritage and estate seemed safe. But later that year, he was arrested for consensual homosexual offenses and became the focal point of a landmark trial. Despite this catastrophic personal setback, Edward Montagu was determined not to let scandal define him. In fact, it became the eventual inspiration for England’s most famous vintage car collection! UK. 80 min.
Saturday, March 8, 10am   Palm Theatre
Sunday, March 9, 4pm   La Perla Del Mar
Director: Luke Korem
Producer: Luke Korem
Writer: Luke Korem
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2MagicalUniverse_AlCarbeeWithBarbieDisplay1_Color_600dpiMAGICAL UNIVERSECALIFORNIA PREMIERE
Sponsored by La Perla Del Mar
Filmed piecemeal for over 10 years with limited budget, “Magical Universe” is a strange and inspiring portrait of an octogenarian outsider artist who spends all day alone in his labyrinthine house in Maine creating collage art. The documentary profiles Carbee’s amazing body of work and his relentlessly creative lifestyle. Filmmaker Jeremy Workman (SLOIFF award winner in 1999) forms an unusual bond with Carbee, whose friendship with Workman becomes his only link to the outside world. At its core, “Magical Universe” is about wonder, friendship, and the transcendent power of creativity. USA. 77 min.
Saturday, March 8, 10am   Downtown Cinemas
Saturday, March 8, 4pm   La Perla Del Mar
Director: Jeremy Workman
Producer: Jeremy Workman
Writer: Jeremy Workman
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McConkey 1McCONKEY
Sponsored by Boutique Hotel Collection
& BK Richard

The late Shane McConkey is revered as a pioneer of freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping. Through his talent and ability and his trademark irreverent humor, he inspired countless athletes. In this new film from Red Bull Media House, the filmmakers celebrate the life of one of the world’s ultimate innovators, with awe-inspiring footage of death-defying stunts. “McConkey” is a heartfelt examination of the legacy one athlete left to the progression of his sports, and the path he paved to conquer his dreams. This is one of those films best seen on a big screen – the cinematography and scenery are truly mind-blowing! USA.109 min.
Friday, March 7, 4pm   Downtown Cinemas
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   Galaxy Theatre
Directors: Murray Wais, Rob Bruce, Scott Gaffney, David Zieff and Steve Winter
Producers: Claude Merkel, Murray Wais, Scott Bradfield, Sherry McConkey, Steve Winter
Writer: Jack Youngelson
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Sponsored by Barbara Bell
Growing up fast in 1930s Shanghai, the “Paris of the Orient,” Virginia Lumsdaine McCutcheon was imprisoned by the Japanese during World War II. Vivid archival footage,personal photos gathered from family collections and declassified secret documents from the British Archives bring her amazing story to life. At 92, she unveils a deeply personal story of love, loss, art, and the art of survival in this portrait documentary. Her stories weave in her family, a visit to the local farmers’ market in her hometown of Morro Bay, her studio and her collection of beautiful woodblock prints. USA. 56 min.
Saturday, March 8, 4pm   Downtown Cinemas
Sunday, March 9, 4pm   Galaxy Theatre
Director: P.H. Wells
Producers: P.H. Wells, Heather G. Harrison, Joan McBeth, Bill Hurst, Hal Croasmun & Tierney Boorboor
Writers: P.H. Wells & Joan MacBeth
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Out of the Fire - hands in clayOUT OF THE FIRE
Sponsored by John Swift
Set against the backdrop of rural Virginia, “Out of the Fire” offers a rare, absorbing look into the little-known world of wood-firing potters. This surprisingly interesting documentary follows master craftsman Kevin Crowe and his apprentice Krista Loomans, through an intense four-day, high-temperature kiln firing, in which nearly 2000 pots and their livelihood are at stake. Integral to their success is the support of family and their devoted band of volunteers who make the trek to Tye River two-times a year to provide extra hands, love and a sense of community for the often isolated and reclusive artists. USA. 76 min.
Saturday, March 8, 1pm   Palm Theatre
Sunday, March 9, 1pm   La Perla Del Mar
Director: Courtenay Singer
Producer: Courtenay Singer
Writer: Courtenay Singer
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Sponsored by Films for Good
“Perfect Strangers” tells the story of two unique and engaging characters. One is Avila Beach resident, Ellie (longtime SLOIFF volunteer), who embarks on an unpredictable journey of twists and turns, determined to be a kidney donor. Five hundred miles away, Kathy is enduring nightly dialysis and losing hope of ever receiving a transplant – until Ellie reads her profile on an online website. Both women face unexpected challenges as their parallel journeys unfold over the course of four years. “Perfect Strangers” raises questions about what motivates an individual towards an extreme act of compassion. USA. 69 min.
Thursday, March 6, 7pm   Palm Theatre
Saturday, March 8, 4pm   Avila Beach Community Center
Director: Jan Krawitz
Producer: Jan Krawitz
Writer: Jan Krawitz
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