Short Films A-H

Sponsored by Fogcatcher Inn
In this Italian short narrative feature (reminiscent of the late Sidney Lumet’s “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”), an ordinarily honest family man becomes so desperate for money that he reluctantly agrees to take part in a bank robbery…which has unintended consequences. Drama. Italy. 15 min.
Thursday, March 6, 4pm   Palm Theatre
Friday, March 7, 1pm   Galaxy Theatre
Director: Silvio Governi
Producer: Roberto Gambacorta & Silvio Governi
Writer: Silvio Governi

Sponsored by Indulge Magazine
Poor ol’ Kip is unlucky in love – until he employs the services of Adonis, a chick magnet who knows how to break the ice and get guys dates. This candy-colored short film is full of tricks — with actors green-screened into a tableau of dollhouses and miniature landscapes to create a virtual dating paradise. Animated romantic comedy. USA. 10 min.
Saturday, March 8, 10am   Palm Theatre
Saturday, March 8, 1pm   Avila Beach Community Center
Director: David Dibble
Producers: David Dibble & Erik Wong
Writer: David Dibble

couple by doorA LOVELY TREAT
Sponsored by Jane & George Roach
The tall and the short of it: a sweet romantic comedy about high expectations, love, and that very fine line between reality and fantasy. Comedy. USA. 10 min.
Thursday, March 6, 7pm   Palm Theatre
Friday, March 7, 4pm
Avila Beach Community Center
Director: Mitch Yapko
Producer: Jennifer Rosen, Mitch Yapko & Saralyn Armer
Writer: Jennifer Rosen

Barbie Boy - Still 2.1BARBIE BOY
Sponsored by Dr. Denise Taylor
Bobby is an imaginative 7-year-old whose favorite toy is the classic “Barbie” doll. After his father chides him that “dolls are for girls,” Bobby goes on a journey to discover what on earth he SHOULD be playing with – and ultimately must choose between conforming to
society or being the person he wants to be. Drama. USA. 13 min.
Friday, March 7, 7pm   Palm Theatre
Saturday, March 8, 4pm   La Perla Del Mar
Director: Nick Corporon
Producers: Derek Efrain Villanueva, Nick Corporon & Renee Baltsen
Writer: Mickey Corporon & Nick Corporon

Beast and AngelTHE BEAST & THE ANGEL
Sponsored by Damon Castillo Band
MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer, one of the most influential guitarists of all time, is a man who believes in second acts. Clean and sober at age 50 after some prison time and a life of addiction, Wayne discovers the secret to rehabilitation is to have something to live for – music. This is his story. Documentary. USA.
20 min.
Friday, March 7, 4pm   La Perla Del Mar
Director: Shira Piven
Producers: Shira Piven & Adam McKay
Writer: Wayne Kramer

Sponsored by Rosemary & Fred Weintz
After being dumped, Katie is devastated to find out she has herpes. But when she
meets a charming guy who also has herpes, Katie starts to rethink her fate. Maybe
contracting an incurable venereal disease isn’t such a bad thing–until she learns things
aren’t quite what they seem. From the filmmakers of 2013’s Best Narrative Feature, “Missed Connections.” Comedy. USA.10 min.
Thursday, March 6, 1pm   Palm Theatre
Saturday, March 8, 1pm    Avila Beach Community Center
Director: Eric Kissack
Producer: Lisa Rudin
Writer: Harris Danow

Sponsored by Nita Kenyon
A day in the life of a balloon. Blue sees enough to make any level-headed balloon scared for his life – pins, needles, pops, oh my! Little does Blue know that one child has a different plan for him altogether, one that just might give his short life a whole other meaning. A Chapman University production. Animated. USA. 6 min.
Friday, March 7, 1pm   Downtown Cinema
Saturday, March 8, 4pm   Galaxy Theatre
Directors: Asia Lancaster, Katelyn Bianchini, Rena Cheng
Producer: Katelyn Bianchini
Writer: Katelyn Bianchini

Sponsored by Martin Resorts
For eight-year-old Jimmy, baseball is more important than anything in the world. But he has a pretty big problem: he can’t catch fly balls. His dad would teach him how if he weren’t always called in to work. So Jimmy decides to take matters into his own hands. Drama. USA. 11 min.
Friday, March 7, 1pm   Palm Theatre
Saturday, March 8, 1pm   Avila Beach Community Center
Director: David Henrie
Producers: Alex Treviño, Alonso Alvarez, David Henrie, James Henrie, Kyle Heller & Rusty Reid
Writers: Alonso Alvarez & David Henrie

helicopters in skyDO-SI-DO IN THE SKY
Sponsored by Palm Theatre
“Do-Si-Do in the Sky” follows the adventures of the US Army’s pilot recruitment project in which a team of highly skilled helicopter pilots created a helicopter square dance team. They toured national air shows across the United States during the 1950’s with the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds. Doc. USA. 17 min.
Friday, March 7, 4pm   Downtown Cinema
Saturday, March 8, 4pm   Palm Theatre
Director: Cameron Tucker
Producers: Cameron Tucker & Kevin Walker
Writer: Cameron Tucker

Sponsored by Peggy & Bill Kelley
Shy, lonely and single, Adam and Candace each seek the help of a therapist to overcome their problems with the opposite sex. It’s soon clear to the doctor that no amount of positive reinforcement will help either of them, so he decides on something more drastic: speed-dating. The horror! Romantic comedy. USA.
21 min.
Friday, March 7, 7pm   Downtown Cinema
Saturday, March 8, 1pm   Galaxy Theatre
Director: Todd Kruger
Producer: Todd Kruger
Writer: Todd Kruger

For The Birds 1FOR THE BIRDS
Sponsored by HopeDance
Based on the execution of Atefeh Rajabi Sahaaleh, this film is an exploration of a life unjustly interrupted. This heart wrenching story seeks to rally action against injustice, not only in Iran but everywhere. Beautifully shot in black & white and color, this is an impressive student film from Brooks Institute. Drama. USA.
14 min.
Saturday, March 8, 4pm   Downtown Cinemas
Sunday, March 9, 4pm   La Perla Del Mar
Director: Tara Atashgah
Producer: Jack Castellaw, Tara Atashgah & Farhad Barahmand
Writer: Tara Atashgah

Sponsored by Indulge Magazine
Under a cloud-filled sky in a small country church in Italy, an elderly local priest is kneeling in prayer, content in his solitude and faith. Suddenly, the candles flicker, and he turns to find 11-year-old Angelina standing behind him, stone-faced and staring. This will become
the priest’s greatest challenge. Drama. Italy/Lithuania. 14 min.
Thursday, March 6, 7pm   La Perla Del Mar
Saturday, March 8, 10am   Downtown Cinemas
Director: Gianluca Sodaro
Producer: Gianluca Sodaro, Giovanni Bedeschi, Kestutis Drazdauskas, Salvatore Sodaro
Writer: Gianluca Sodaro

Sponsored by Rand Productions
Hiob is German for Job (as in The Book of). Commissioner Berger lives in the shadows; years of delivering news of others’ deaths have made him a cynic. Now Sophie, the wife of his new colleague, has trustingly turned to him for help. Film Noir. Germany. 20 min.
Saturday, March 8, 10am   Downtown Cinema
Saturday, March 8, 4pm   Avila Beach Community Center
Director: Marco Gadge
Producer: Marco Gadge & Martin Lobst
Writer: Marco Gadge