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About the George Sidney Independent Film Competition

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Have you ever wondered whether the big and small questions you struggled with in life are answered after death? A man wakes up in the afterlife and is faced with an all-knowing light that shows him the answers to all the questions he’s ever had about his life. Who stole his bike in 7th grade? Who was his perfect match? Dramedy. USA. 8 min.
Thursday, March 12, 4pm  Palm Theatre
Thursday, March 12, 7pm  Avila Beach Community Center
Director: Michael Goode
Producer: Michael Goode
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Bob & Christine Williams

This lovely film from India tells the story of two young shoeshine boys with empty pockets and big plans. Their hope and optimism keeps them dreaming and scheming and we the audience are right there rooting for them. Beautifully shot in Mumbai, the filmmakers manage to capture the essence of India in this touching film. Drama. India. 20 min.
Thursday, March 12, 7pm  Palm Theatre
Friday, March 13, 4pm  Avila Beach Community Center
Director: Mailesan Rangaswamy
Writer: Mailesan Rangaswamy

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This gentle and poignant film tells the story of an unspoken connection between two elderly neighbors who share a daily ritual. Although they have never actually met, their bond deepens when they face the inevitable…together. Drama. Germany. 20 min.
Friday, March 13, 4pm  Downtown Cinemas
Saturday, March 14, 4pm  Avila Beach Community Center
Producer: Tara Lynn Orr
Writer: Tara Lynn Orr
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Curt Harper is a unique 49-year-old surfer who has become a much- loved fixture in the SoCal surf scene. Born and raised in Santa Monica, Curt was diagnosed with autism at an early age. While he faced many challenges, he naturally loved the ocean. With his parents’ support, Curt took up surfing. The entire surfing community now cheers him on as he continues his competitive pursuits and is a friend to ‘groms’ and pros alike. Documentary. USA. 17 min.
Thursday, March 12, 7pm  Galaxy Theaters
Saturday, March 14, 1pm  Avila Beach Community Center
Director: Brendan Hearne
Producer: Brendan Hearne

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SeaCrest Hotel

Inspired by a true story, an Afghan- American woman on the heels of a divorce joins the US Military as an interpreter. On her first day of deployment in Afghanistan, her unit searches out the remote house of a bomb-maker. During the chaos that ensues, the interpreter finds herself in a desperate situation and realizes she must go beyond the call of duty. Drama. USA/Afghanistan. 25 min.
Wednesday, March 11, 7pm Downtown Theaters
Thursday, March 12, 4pm  Downtown Theaters
Director: Henry Hughes
Producer: Michael Steiner
Writer: Henry Hughes
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Bill & Peggy Kelley

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy declared Americans would walk on the moon by the end of the decade. Everyone knows who Neil Armstrong is, but few know about what was happening behind-the-scenes
at this time. Scientists at the University of Arizona were scrambling to map the moon, send probes to its surface, and select landing sites. Through interviews and archival photography, we discover the heroes behind the moonwalk and the creation of planetary science. Documentary. USA. 35 min.
Thursday, March 12, 4pm  Mission Cinemas
Saturday, March 14, 4pm  Park Cinemas
Director: Jason Davis
Producer: Jason Davis
Writer: Jason Davis
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It’s 9:30pm in a grocery store run by Egyptians, in Lausanne, Switzerland. In a moment of anger, a father loses patience and disciplines his disobedient child. A shocked customer immediately intervenes to express her concern. This discussion turns into a debate which quickly turns into a quarrel…and suddenly, it’s chaos. A darkly funny and believable story. Comedy. Switzerland. 11 min.
Thursday, March 12, 7pm  Downtown Cinema
Saturday, March 14, 4pm  La Perla Del Mar
Directors: Christophe M. Saber
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the_emissary_19THE EMISSARY – North American Premiere
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Emmy-award winning actress Margo Martindale (AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY) plays the lead in this film loosely based on Bellini’s opera Norma and inspired by the final days of opera legend Maria Callas. An obsession with a young man who resembles her son leads her to a surprise encounter with the stranger when he shows up at her NYC apartment. Drama. USA. 15 min.
Friday, March 13, 7pm  Palm Theatre
Saturday, March 14, 4pm  Downtown Cinema
Director: Rudy Dobrev
Producers: Rudy Dobrev & Andrea Harrison
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Vic & Carol Ascrizzi

Another great comedy by the makers of SLOIFF’s 2013 Audience Award winner, Missed Connections. A weary gunfighter walks into a bar, looking for a drink. What he finds instead is a building full of raunchy people, and an audible, blood-thirsty narrator. This is an entertaining Western parody with a creative twist! Comedy. USA. 9 min.
Thursday, March 12, 4pm  Avila Beach Community Center
Saturday, March 14, 1pm  Mission Cinemas
Director: Eric Kissack
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The human race has long searched for meaningful interpersonal connections. Tools and technologies have made it easier to reach out and share ideas, but each presents a new, unforeseen challenge. This clever short forces us to ask the important question: “Is this what we want? What do we really want?” Animated. Taiwan/USA. 10 min.
Friday, March 13, 1pm  Palm Theatre
Friday, March 13, 7pm  Downtown Cinemas
Director: Ying-Fang Shen
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