Short Films Q-Z

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In 2012, EJ Scott set out to run 12 marathons in 12 states for charity. This would be considered an amazing feat for anyone to accomplish…but EJ suffers from a rare
degenerative eye disease and several years ago, he was diagnosed as legally blind. He takes us on an inspiring journey proving that if there’s a will, there’s a way! Documentary. USA. 32 min.
Thursday, March 6, 7pm    Fremont Theatre
Sunday, March 9, 4pm    Avila Beach Community Center
Director: Ryan Suffern
Producers: Frank Marshall & Ryan Suffern

Rani & cart 2SILK
Sponsored by Palm Theatre
Rani (Oscar nominee, Shohreh Aghdashloo) was forced into marriage at age ten. Now middle-aged, she may have found a way to reclaim her life. Made as part of AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women, actress-turned-filmmaker Catherine Dent was inspired by a photo essay about young girls being “traded for a goat on a rope.” Drama. USA. 17 min.
Friday, March 7, 4pm    Palm Theatre
Sunday, March 9, 1pm    Downtown Cinemas
Director: Catherine Dent
Producer: Catherine Dent, Eyal Alony & Grace Feeny
Writer: Catherine Dent & Eyal Alony

Sponsored by Park Cinemas
Birthday cards have rarely had meaning until Tony opens one for his 30th birthday. As a developmentally disabled adult living with his mother in England, Tony has little joy–until he reads a few rhyming couplets about love, on a card from a father he has never known. Drama. UK. 30 min.
Thursday, March 6, 7pm    Avila Beach Community Center
Friday, March 7, 4pm    Downtown Cinemas
Director: dee meaden
Producer: dee meaden, Edward Fox & Joanna David
Writer: dee meaden

Sponsored by Martin Resorts
A family on a leisurely outing at a farmer’s market is thrown into chaos when a simple miscommunication causes them to lose track of their young son, Simon. As they frantically
search the market, Simon is approached by a stranger who seemingly wants to reunite him with his parents. Drama. USA. 7 min.
Thursday, March 6, 4pm    Downtown Cinema
Friday, March 7, 4pm    Galaxy Theatre
Director: Jonathan Fredrick
Producer: Jonathan Fredrick
Writer: Jonathan Fredrick

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This is a beautifully made film about loss, nostalgia, discovery, and hope. It brings to light both the dark and light sides of Alzheimer’s disease, from the perspective of the patients as well as the caregivers. It offers helpful insight as we face this impending epidemic.
Documentary. USA. 30 min.
Thursday, March 6, 1pm    Palm Theatre
Sunday, March 9, 1pm    Palm Theatre
Director: Barbara Klutinis
Producer: Barbara Klutinis
Writer: Barbara Klutinis

Sponsored by Pacific Western Bank
“Stalled” was pieced together solely using real quotes found in women’s washroom
stalls across North America. Distinct characters were created out of the honesty of hundreds of people around the world, and filmmaker Shannon Kohli has artfully tied them all together in her compelling short film. Docu-drama. Swiss/Can/NZ. 16 min.
Thursday, March 6, 7pm    Palm Theatre
Friday, March 7, 7pm    Galaxy Theatre
Director: Shannon Kohli
Producer:  Shannon Kohli, Meghan Gardiner
Writer: Meghan Gardiner

Steffi_Still2STEFFI LIKES THIS / Steffi Gefallt Das
Sponsored by Wine Shed
Like many of us these days, Paul is a Social Media junkie who can’t seem to live his life without his smart phone. But one particular day, he learns it would have been better to leave it at home. Comedy. Germany. 5 min.
Thursday, March 6, 7pm
Avila Beach Community Center

Sunday, March 9, 4pm    Palm Theatre
Director: Philipp Scholz
Producer: Philipp Scholz

TOTHEBONE_Program Still 1_JaimeAlvarez CarlosTorres NaomieFeliu_byRyanGayatineaTO THE BONE
Sponsored by Park Cinemas
Valencia is a pre-teen girl who works with her father and younger brother in the fields of California as a migrant farmworker. Sick of it all, she rebels in a flash of anger — by telling the truth. The full truth, though, cannot be expressed in words, as she soon finds out. Drama. USA. 9 min.
Saturday, March 8, 1pm    Palm Theatre
Sunday, March 9, 1pm    La Perla Del Mar
Director: Erin Li
Producer: Edward Franklin & Ella Franklin
Writer: Erin Li & Silka Luisa

volti_151VOLTI / Faces
Sponsored by The Movie Experience
Each afternoon after school, 10-yearold Riccardo sneaks into a small-town theatre to watch acclaimed local actor Mattia rehearse for an upcoming performance. Despite difficulties due to Down’s syndrome, Riccardo is inspired by Mattia to learn the lines to Midsummer Night’s Dream. An inspiration to those who wish to perform, regardless of the obstacles. Drama. Italy. 30 min.
Friday, March 7, 1pm    Palm Theatre
Sunday, March 9, 4pm    Galaxy Theatre
Director: Antonio De Palo
Producer: Antonio De Palo
Writer: Antonio De Palo & Roberto Corradino

Sponsored by Solstice Green Directory
An LA photographer (“The Killing”’s Mireille Enos) returns to her native Nevada to document and possibly intervene in the government’s cruel roundup of a herd of beautiful wild horses she has known since childhood. The story is skillfully crafted in a combination of black & white and color, still photographs, and action cinematography by Oscar-winner Robert Richardson.
USA. 19 min.
Thursday, March 6, 7pm    Park Cinemas
Friday, March 7, 7pm    La Perla Del Mar
Director: Stephanie Martin
Producer: Tara Tucker, Jessica Walsh & Justin Dalzell
Writer: Stephanie Martin

Sponsored by TJA Advertising & Public Relations
In this creative animated short from Germany, the inhabitants of a windy area seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, they appear to have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions…until one day when the wind mysteriously stops blowing. Animated. Germany. 4 min.
Thursday, March 6, 1pm    Downtown Cinema
Friday, March 7, 4pm    Avila Beach Community Center
Director: Robert Lobel
Producer: Robert Lobel
Writer: Robert Lobel