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Sponsored by Paavo Ogren
In the early 20th century, thousands of Eastern European Jewish women were lured to Argentina and forced into prostitution. The subject of this moving story is Raquel, a mother who lived through this tumultuous experience but while others gave up, Raquel bravely exposed her oppressors. Great archival footage and photos bring these women’s struggles to life. Raquel’s amazing story is from another time, but sadly still resonates today. Documentary. USA. 33 min.
Thursday, March 12, 1pm  Mission Cinemas
Friday, March 13, 4pm  Avila Beach Community Center
Director/Producer: Gabriela Bohm
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REVIVAL – North American Premiere
Co-sponsored by Barbara Bell &
John Armstrong

Hemi, a 60-year-old orthodox Jewish Bible teacher, discovers that the punk band his wife belonged to 30 years ago is getting back together. The echoes of the wild past, and the threat of its return shake up their marriage and force him to reassess the prejudices of the religious community. A coming-of-older-age story, it’s surprisingly thoughtfully told by a student filmmaking team at The Maaleh Film School in Jerusalem. Drama. Israel. 24 min.
Thursday, March 12, 1pm  Palm Theatre
Sunday, March 15, 4pm  Galaxy Theaters
Director: Nadav Lazare
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This is a film about two guys who go fishing in South Florida’s beautiful waters. But this is not your ordinary fishing trip, and these are not ordinary guys. Meet Rudy – U.S. Army veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Neal – a tournament angler with an unusual profession. Fishing is part of Rudy’s therapy. With Neal’s gentle guiding hand, the simplicity and tranquility of fishing allows this vet to reconnect with nature and start to heal. Documentary. USA. 25 min.
Thursday, March 12, 1pm Mission Cinemas
Sunday, March 15, 10am Downtown Cinemas
Director/Producer: Abigail Tannebaum Sharon
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This is a delightful and quirky short film. After giving a performance to the people Spain, world-famous composer Aram Khachaturian is showered with praise and even gets an opportunity to meet Salvador Dali. However, Aram quickly learns that artists can be quite surprising in their attitude to life, art and etiquette. Comedy. USA. 14 min.
Thursday, March 12, 7pm  La Perla Del Mar
Friday, March 13, 7pm  Downtown Cinemas
Director: Ilya Rozhkov
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Sponsored by Nita Kenyon
The Boy Scouts of America are in and out of the news these days in an on-going debate about gay rights…and wrongs. This short documentary is about Santa Barbara resident and a former Boy Scouts of America official Len Lanzi, who was fired after coming out as gay in a public speech. Len Lanzi will attend the Festival to discuss the current state of affairs and his stand on gay rights. Documentary. USA. 12 min.
Thursday, March 12, 1pm  Mission Cinemas
Sunday, March 15, 10am  Palm Theatre
Director/Producer: Ryan Rambach
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Sponsored by Galaxy Theatres
Rosario is an innocent 12-year-old girl who loves music and dreams of the possibilities her future could hold. She lives with her parents in a migrant labor camp and unfortunately they are not as optimistic, and have a risky plan to get her out of her squalid environment. We meet Rosario and her family on the day this plan will either succeed or fail. Drama. USA. 17 min.
Friday, March 13, 7pm  Galaxy Theaters
Saturday, March 14, 10am  Palm Theatre
Directors: Michael Winokur & Iana Simeonov
Producer: Emily Miller
Writer: Michael Winokur & Iana Simeonov
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SexLife Mia and Dylan 2SEXLIFE
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Dan and Mia haven’t had sex since before the birth of their son. Three months on, Dan feels forced to take extreme action and makes the decision to dress as Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a ham-fisted attempt to get Mia back in the mood. Not getting the reaction he expected, it sparks off a comedic and revealing conversation about the most intimate parts of their relationship.
Comedy. UK. 15 min.
Thursday, March 12, 1pm Mission Cinemas
Friday, March 13, 4pm Avila Beach Community Center
Director: Stefan Georgiou
Producer: Ted Baybutt
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Sponsored by Park Cinemas
While hunting a wolf in a forest, a man is startled by the sound of guns firing. Suddenly there is an explosion of movement and people running, including a small boy who runs too far and gets lost. In the eerie silence that follows, even the wolves are overwhelmed by a sense of the impending danger. Who is hunting whom? Drama. Poland. 14 min.
Wednesday, March 11, 4pm  Mission Cinemas
Saturday, March 14, 4pm  Park Cinemas
Director/Writer: Andrzej Cichocki
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Army Casualty Notification Officers arrive at a Harlem housing project to deliver some news to a woman about her son serving in the war in the Middle East. We agonize with her as she begins her journey of avoidance, doing anything she can to avoid the terrible news that she knows awaits her. This is another emotion-packed short film by Moon Molson, winner of three awards at the SLOIFF for POP FOUL in 2007. Drama. USA. 17 min.
Friday, March 13, 7pm  Avila Beach Community Center
Sunday, March 15, 10am  Downtown Cinemas
Director/Producer: Moon Molson
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Tomgirl hockeyTOMGIRL
Girls play with dolls and boys love sports, right? This film takes a look at what happens when those stereotypes are called into question. Jake, a lovable gender non-conforming seven year- old, invites us into his world to explore the transforming power that love and support can have when young children are accepted for who they really are. Documentary. USA. 15 min.
Thursday, March 12, 1pm  Mission Cinemas
Sunday, March 15, 4pm  Palm Theatre
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Heather Fairchild (Monica Potter, PARENTHOOD) runs into her childhood nemesis, Perri Pinkston (Pamela Adlon, KING OF THE HILL.) A food truck brawl breaks out and as the food and insults are hurled, they come to terms with their childhood differences and emerge with new attitudes…and really sticky hair. Comedy. USA. 10 min.
Thursday, March 12, 4pm Avila Beach Community Center
Sunday, March 15, 4pm Mission Cinemas
Director: Diane Newman

With amazing visual effects and nonstop action, this is an impressive entry from USC grad students who were mentored by Hollywood pros. Set in a distant nuclear war-torn future, where European kings control their empires from the skies, VALIANT is the story of a band of wanted air pirates who set out on dangerous quest after finding a lost child princess who may hold the ticket to their freedom. Action adventure. USA. 29 min.
Thursday, March 12, 7pm  Mission Cinemas
Saturday March 14, 10am  Downtown Cinemas
Director/Writer: Robin Phillips
Producer: Shyam Sundar Sengupta
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Sponsored by Park Cinemas
SLOIFF Alumni Alonso Alvarez Barreda (CRESCENDO, CATCH) is back this year with another beautifully made short film that tackles an important social and political issue. But this one has an added ethical dilemma. In the harshness of the Arizona desert, a father and his son are forced to decide between making their dream come true…or saving a life. Drama. USA. 14 min.
Saturday March 14, 1pm  Park Cinemas
Sunday, March 15, 1pm  Mission Cinemas
Director/Writer: Alonso Alvarez Barreda
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Co-sponsored by Gini & Robert Griffin
Two young women with romance on their minds, notice that the same hot guy has once again parked in front of the café they work in. The shy one is dying to meet him but just can’t get up the nerve to go out and talk to him. But trust her scheming friend to come up with a crazy idea that just might work! Comedy. Germany. 4 min.
Friday, March 13, 1pm  Downtown Cinemas
Friday, March 13, 4pm  Palm Theatre
Director: Bernhard Wenger
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