“Following the Ninth” will now screen at the Downtown Cinemas

utah_beehiveTo Bee or Not to Bee?
A large colony of bees has adopted the historic Fremont Theater as home, forcing the owners to temporarily close the theater while they find a way to get them out.

“This is a case of Mother Nature stealing the show,” said theater owner Rob Rossi. “Our primary concern right now is the safety of our customers and the bee keepers trying to get them out. If we can save the bees we’ll definitely save them.”

Aiming to reduce the sting of the closure, Rossi said he believes the theater will reopen by this weekend. However, the bee removal is proving to be a complicated process. The challenge is that the colony rests some 40 feet above the floor near the roofline.
The bee colony was discovered Monday. Apparently, bees over time have infiltrated through a very small opening in an original concrete wall near the roof. The theater was built in the 1940s and the one-eighth inch hole in the wall is a remnant of the original construction design.

“For the safety of all, we are moving very carefully,” Rossi said. “We have to disassemble part of the building to get to the bees. We’re figuring out now how best to approach the problem, keeping in mind the safety of people and, hopefully, the preservation of a good-size hive, if we can do it.”

Following the Ninth photoThe San Luis Obispo International Film Festival’s screening of “Following the Ninth” will be moved to the Downtown Cinemas and will screen in two theatres. Tickets will be available at the door at 6:00pm and are also available online. The 7:00pm start will be slightly delayed to allow for all attendees to arrive. A meet-and-greet at Luis Wine Bar (1021 Higuera Street) will follow the movie and Q&A.