Have you ever seen a tarantula twerk?

me with spidersBelieve me, you don’t want to!! Especially when it is just inches from your jugular vein!

We had a great time in Cambria last night at the screening of ARACHNOPHOBIA. Major thanks to Steve Kutcher, the film’s Supervising Entomologist, for being there with stories about the filming and some of his furry too-many-legged friends!

lindsay-i-know-who-killed-me-25147503-800-600We have another scary movie coming up next week – in fact, it’s so bad, it’s scary…and it truly is pretty gruesome too. Lindsay Lohan stars in I KNOW WHO KILLED ME, 2007’s “Worst Movie of the Year”, playing at the Fremont Theatre on Wednesday, November 6th at 7:30pm. Student tickets are only $5! Come dressed as your favorite Lindsay Lohan character…prizes will be awarded. Before the movie, we’ll have an open mic so you can share and hear stories from people involved in the film.