What was it like working behind-the-scenes on one of the most iconic Holiday movies ever?

Come to the Fremont Theatre today (Saturday, Dec. 20) at 11am and find out from a crew member who was there! She watched as Flick stuck his tongue to the pole….as the bullies chased poor Randy down the lane…and as Ralphie uttered those bad, bad words when the bolts flew off the hubcap!

Today and this coming Wednesday (Christmas eve) enjoy FREE screenings of A CHRISTMAS STORY at the Fremont Theatre.

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Find out what really happened when they shot this scene from someone who was there!

Did his tongue REALLY stick to the pole? Find out what actually happened…from a crew member who was there

Sat, Dec. 20th – 11:00am
Wed. Dec. 24th – 2:00pm

Fremont Theatre 11:00am   FREE!

Happy Holidays!

Wendy Eidson
SLOIFF Festival Director