What’s so great about a Festival Pass? Thanks for asking…


Our bold new 2016 Logo, passes, tickets, ads and more are designed by Barry Goyette.

  1. They give you priority seating.
  2. They are really cool looking and you get to wear them around the festival and look like a Big Shot.
  3. Movie Fanatic passes can be shared with a friend – one pass gets two people into a regular screening.
  4. Movie Star passes get you access to the Hollywood & Vines Festival Tent during the weekdays (wine, beer, snacks and networking!) and into all regular screenings…and weekend Behind-the-Scenes panels!
  5. Movie Mogul passes give you access to the Festival Tent day and night, are good for complimentary wine tasting at a bunch of really great SLO County wineries AND get you access to Film Fest Media – a new service that allows you to watch festival films AFTER THE FESTIVAL ends. So you can spend more time schmoozing and still not miss great festival films!

For more information and to purchase a pass, click here!

KV_AP-39We have an incredible lineup of parties every night of the Festival and we wish to thank all of our generous hospitality sponsors for their participation! Click here to see what’s happening each night of the festival!


Sonic-Sea-1And check out what’s happening in Avila Beach on Saturday, March 19 at our “Day of Ocean Films” sponsored by the Avila Beach Community Foundation and the Central Coast Aquarium. Just added – SONIC SEA – a moving documentary about the effects of sonar on whales under the ocean’s surface. Out of hearing, out of mind…until you see this important film. Click here for the full day schedule of films happening at the Avila Beach Community Center.

Lots more news to come! Hope to see you at the Festival!

Wendy Eidson
SLO Film Fest Director