NOSFERATU – Not just your average silent movie!

Just days from now, the 22nd Annual SLO Film Fest kicks off with a unique Opening Night experience not to be missed!

On Tuesday, March 15 at Cal Poly’s Alex & Faye Spanos Theatre, the original vampire movie, NOSFERATU will be accompanied live by German pianist/composer Markus Horn. To see Markus Horn’s new score live is to experience a whole lot more than merely a piano playing along to a film.

Combining elementsnosferatu of classical music, jazz, pop and avant-garde and enhancing them with a large portion of improvisation, this soundtrack creates an entirely unique and fascinating universe. With jazzy grooves, pop harmonies and abstract passages, Horn’s musical language goes beyond the typical influences of late romanticism, bringing new impulses and fresh sounds to the world of silent film accompaniment.


Markus Horn captivated the audience with his live accompaniment for METROPOLIS in 2014.

In recent years Horn performed his music to Fritz Lang’s masterpiece METROPOLIS at shows all over the world, receiving standing ovations for his intense symbiosis of film and music. The SLO Film Fest was one of those shows in 2014, and attendees are still talking about it!

Tickets are still available at the website or in person at the Cal Poly Box Office. The show starts at 7:30pm, allowing Opening Night party-goers plenty of time to get there from the Hollywood & Vines Festival Tent in downtown SLO. For party details and tickets, click here.

For all the information go to the event description on our website. Or just click here to purchase the very affordable $20 tickets! Movie Mogul passes and Red Carpet tickets will be accepted at the door.

This very cool Opening Night event is presented by:

BHE Renewables

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