Highlights of Day Three of SLO Film Fest

films-rainbowkidThe top ‘o the morning to you! Happy St. Patrick’s Day. The hills are emerald green and the sun is shining…and there’s even a rainbow! Well….technically it’s not a real rainbow. It’s a lovely movie called THE RAINBOW KID and it’s playing at the SLO Film Fest at 7pm. tonight at the Mission Cinemas.

Lives_Well_Lived (12 of 100)We had a great day yesterday with Central Coast films playing in venues all over downtown San Luis Obispo. The largest theatres this year are the Mission Cinemas and the Fremont Theatre and both were humming with activity last night. The Fremont was packed with cast and families of LIVES WELL LIVED…a remarkable first film by Sky Bergman. Her 103-year old grandmother was there to help celebrate her “sneak preview” and inspire the crowd!

The Downtown Cinemas now has some incredibly luxurious large seats, but the number of seats has been drastically reduced….and we only have one screen there. Last night, it filled with pass holders and some could not get in. Fortunately THE BRAINWASHING OF MY DAD will screen again on Saturday at 4:15pm at Palm Theatre. Please try to get there early – pass holders will be admitted first and on a first-come basis. If it sells out again, we will add a Sunday evening screening.

We’ll try to do this with other popular, sold-out shows too! So stay tuned for updates as the festival unfolds.

Exciting highlights today include:

Tony Peckham 26Spotlight Award presentation to screenwriter Anthony Peckham at the Fremont Theatre at 7pm before the Central Coast premiere of The Divergent Series: Allegiant. This event is sponsored by USL.

Today’s cover story in the Tribune is all about the new movie, “Haze” – an eye-opening film playing tonight at the Mission Cinemas at 7pm. Read all about it here! Rumors are that the cast is coming too…the performances in this film are incredible so it will be exciting to meet them and the filmmakers. The second screening is on Friday at 4pm at the Palm Theatre.

4th Man Out4th Man Out‘s star, Evan Todd will be here tonight for the screening at 7:15pm at the Palm Theatre. It’s a wonderful comedy and Evan’s performance is nuanced and awesome. And that’s Chord Overstreet from “Glee” in the tank top!



Musician Nathan East will be here today for the screening of the film all about his amazing career. Nathan East: For the Record screens at 1pm today at the Palm Theatre.

And for those of you with Mogul passes, tonight will be a great opportunity to meet the visiting filmmakers and stars in the Hollywood & Vines Festival Tent during our St. Paddy’s Day Happy Hour and the Spotlight Award After-party. Irish dancers will help kick up the pre-party a notch too! Sponsored by Center of Effort, SLO Wine Country, Central Coast Distributing and food by Chrisanne Artisan. More information on Festival parties.

There’s so much great stuff happening today…these are just a few of the highlights! Looking forward to seeing you at the movies (and the parties!) And watch out for drunk leprechauns!

Wendy Eidson
Festival Director