Farewell to a “life well lived”….

We at the SLO Film Fest are saddened by the recent passing of the wonderful 103-year old Evelyn Ricciuti. Evelyn made a very special visit to our Festival this year as the inspiration and “leading star” of Sky Bergman’s new documentary, “Lives Well Lived.” She delighted audiences at the screening, on and off the screen and at an after-party hosted by the event’s sponsor, The Villages of San Luis Obispo.


“Evelyn’s method of unfolding her own life story was humble yet lively with one important philosophy, kind before right. A retiree living in Florida, the film is what brought her to San Luis Obispo in March of this year to celebrate an extraordinary screening at the Fremont Theatre. Seeing the film complete, in many ways completed her life. After her 103rd  birthday her daughter Eve Gordon asked her what she wanted to do in her future, and she answered simply, “I’d like to see myself on the big screen and have my 15 minutes of fame!” Well, she did that and much more!” (Obituary, May 1/16)

Our hearts go out to her supportive family. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to the Lives Well Lived project. Make checks out to: Art Without Limits, 816 Chesham Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93108 or donate online by clicking here.