Giving Tuesday…Wednesday…Thursday…and…

“Politicians don’t bring people together. Artists do.” 
Richard Daly, Former Mayor of Chicago

As almost one thousand wonderful charities in our county reach out their hands in need, the ARTS are often viewed as less important than the organizations focused on illness and life-threatening issues.

We at the SLO Film Fest often repeat the mantra, “Movies Matter,” because they do! Films have global influence on social and political change, education, fashion, innovation and culture – and sometimes they just make us laugh at ourselves and the inherent challenges of being human. Movies Matter!

We thank you for considering your support of the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, as we proudly celebrate our 23rd year of inspiring, entertaining and educating audiences in San Luis Obispo County and beyond!

To make a donation, sponsor a film or a festival program, please click here…or contact Chris Aho at for information about sponsorship opportunities. We are currently working on a pretty incredible program of films, events, panels and more – announcements coming soon!

Thank you for your support. See you at the movies! 

Wendy Eidson
SLO Film Fest Director

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A portion of what you spend will be donated to the SLO Film Fest!