SLO Film Fest announces Surf Nite movie and guests!


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Call it the luck of the Irish! Our annual Surf Nite falls on St. Patrick’s Day this year, so what’s more fitting than an Irish surf film, and a pair of Irish surfer lads too!

15418465_10154986457249170_321172442211366447_oWe are thrilled to announce the North American Premiere of Between Land and Sea, directed by SLO Film Fest alum, Ross Whitaker (his short Bye Bye Now screened at our festival in 2010.)

Between Land and Sea chronicles a year in the life of an Irish surf town at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean. This observational feature – at times intimate, at times epic – embeds itself in the Big Wave surf community to present a thoroughly engaging and visually stunning portrait of the ever-changing life at land’s end.
Against the backdrop of Ireland’s stunning west coast, this film digs deep into the day to day lives of the surf community, taking the audience beyond the bluster of the typical adrenaline fueled film to create a very real portrait of those who choose the surf lifestyle.
ollie-rileysDirected by Ross Whitaker (SavioursUnbreakable, Bye Bye Now) and featuring some of the biggest waves and best surfers in Ireland – as well as a thrilling cameo by Hawaiian legend Shane Dorian – Between Land and Sea succeeds in being exhilerating while giving a moving, humorous and thought-provoking account of the ocean-going natives of West Clare, Ireland.


Irish Big Wave surfer Ollie Flaherty will be in attendance, along with the Irish Patagonia surf ambassador, Tom Doidge-Harrison. Both are featured throughout the film and will be traveling to San Luis Obispo for the North American premiere.


chandlers-arkThe evening will begin with a short called CHANDLER’S ARK, about Scott Chandler’s quest to put a record number of dogs on a surf board and have them catch a wave! It’s entertaining, amazing and…no dogs were harmed in the making of this film. We hope to have a few of the furry surfers in attendance as well.


Coast 104.5’s Adam Monteil will host the event, and a concert by Second Sight (a band of Hollywood studio executives!) will be on stage at the Fremont after Surf Nite to perform some great 80’s rock favorites! There will be a bar in the Fremont lobby serving beer, wine and possibly a little Irish whiskey too!


buy-nowFriday, March 17    7:00PM    Fremont Theatre
$20 General / $15 Students and Film Society Members
(Movie Mogul Passes and Red Carpet Tickets will be accepted for this event)