How many Tony’s have won a Tony?

Anthony Crivello as the “Phantom”, a role he performed for over five years and 2400 shows!

Only two…and one of them is coming to San Luis Obispo next week!

From Lucille Ball telling him “he’s got it,” to performing on Broadway to singing the National Anthem at a Green Bay Packers Home game, and being one of only two “Tony’s” to win a Tony! Anthony Crivello has traveled the world and seen it all. Listen to some of the incredible stories Anthony tells in this interview with Suzanne Schonig, on our sponsoring station, the Krush 92.5.

And be sure to catch him at the Cal Poly PAC next Thursday for a special performance before the awesome organ and silent movie pre-Halloween event,  “The Phantom of the Opera!” Click here to find out all about it and to order tickets.

See you at “The Phantom”!

Wendy Eidson
SLO Film Fest Festival Director