The Phantom is almost here…and we have free tickets too!

DID YOU KNOW?…that not a single photograph of Lon Chaney as The Phantom was published in a newspaper or magazine or seen anywhere before the film opened in theaters in 1925. Universal Pictures wanted The Phantom’s face to be a complete surprise when his mask was ripped off. According to one of Lon Chaney’s most trusted associates, Mary Philbin’s (Christine) reaction to the unmasked Phantom was real–she had no idea what he would look like until that exact moment.

Lon Chaney went to a lot of trouble to create his terrifying look. He attached a strip of fish skin (a thin, translucent material) to his nostrils with spirit gum, pulled it back until he got the tilt he wanted, then attached the other end of the fish skin under his bald cap. His cheeks were built up using a combination of cotton and collodion. He put egg membranes on his eye balls! His ears were glued back and the rest was greasepaint shaded in the proper areas of the face. The sight was said to have caused some patrons at the premiere to faint.

Can you handle it? It’s not too late to get two free tickets to see THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA on the giant screen at Cal Poly’s Christopher Cohan Center, with organist Christian Elliott playing an original score on the Forbes Pipe Organ! The movie will play after Anthony Crivello and Alba Franco-Cancel sing a couple of songs from the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical! All of this is happening at 7pm on Thursday, October 26th (that’s tomorrow!)

Just make a donation of $100 or more to the 2018 SLO Film Fest, and get benefits, ticket discounts and more! Click here for donation details. You’ll be supporting a great organization, and get $80 worth of tickets to see THE PHANTOM immediately! All proceeds from the show benefit our 2018 Festival, happening March 13-18, 2018. Raffle prizes will be available too!

To purchase tickets for the show directly, go to or call (805) 756-4849, or visit the Cal Poly Box Office in person!

See you at the PAC! And wear your Halloween costume to compete for Festival passes!

Wendy Eidson
SLO Film Fest Director