Adventures in Public School

Sponsored by Mark Buchman

Helicopter parents are given an hilarious working over in Kyle Rideout’s disarming film. Home-schooled by his mother (Judy Greer), teenage Liam is the quintessential über-nerd. But when he meets Anastasia, an enigmatic beauty who has lost a leg to cancer, he is Instantly smitten and purposely flunks an exam so he will have to redo his last semester in her public high school. What follows is a crash course in high-school dynamics, ranging from bullying to hallway flirting, as Liam timidly pursues his muse. Nominee Best Canadian Film at the Toronto Film Festival in 2017. Comedy/Drama. 86 min. Canada. Watch the trailer here

Thursday, March 15 – 1:15pm – Downtown Cinemas
Thursday, March 15 – 9pm – Downtown Cinemas
Friday, March 16 – 4:30pm – Downtown Cinemas

Director: Kyle Rideout
Producers: Josh Epstein, Adam Folk, Justine Whyte
Writers: Josh Epstein & Kyle Rideout
Facebook: AdventuresinPublicSchool