All the Wild Horses

Sponsored by Covelop, Inc.

Five international riders from the USA, Canada, South Africa, Ireland and the UK have a crazy compulsion to race across Mongolia… and we’re all just along for the wild ride! This multi-horse, multi-station race over 1000 kms of breathtaking Mongolian steppe is the longest and toughest horse race on the planet. The riders are out on their own and navigate from station to station using GPS. They change their horses every 40 kms, and spend nights out in the wild or with nomad families along the way. The race throws up twists and turns as it builds to an unexpected, nail-biting finish. 90 min. UK/Canada. Watch the trailer here

Friday, March 16 – 7pm – Downtown Cinemas
Saturday, March 17 – 4pm – Park Cinemas
Sunday, March 18 – 1pm – Downtown Cinemas

Director/Producer/Writer: Ivo Marloh
Producer: Darcia Martin