Lea and Mira

Sponsored by John Swift / Rotary Peace Centers

Lea and Mira tells the story of two Polish Jewish Holocaust survivors, now in their 90s. Surviving the horrors of Auschwitz was, in their own words, “un milagro,” and they found friendship many years later in their adopted country of Argentina. In this profound tribute to their strength and resilience, the women share how they were able to face the world after living through unimaginable pain and trauma. The filmmaker, herself the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, chose them as her subjects “because in their testimony one can find the flame of life.” You’ll also be very glad you met Lea and Mira! 52 min. Argentina. (subtitles) Watch the trailer here

Friday, March 16 – 4pm – Downtown Cinemas
Saturday, March 17 – 10am – Downtown Cinemas
Sunday, March 18 – 12pm – Downtown Cinemas

Director/Writer: Poli Martinez Kaplun
Producer: Lucas Werthein & Carlon Winograd
Writers: Nora Acrich & Ernesto Felder
Website: leaymira.com