Mole Man

Sponsored by Blackhorse Coffee

Meet Ron, a 66-year-old autistic man who has spent the last five decades building a 50-room structure in his parents’ backyard. Using no nails or mortar, Ron instead creates perfectly balanced structures from scavenged materials he finds in the woods outside his Pennsylvania home. After his father passes away, Ron is left living alone with his loving but aged mother. Meanwhile, his siblings are left to figure out what will happen to Ron – who has never been officially diagnosed with autism – when his mother can no longer care for him. This is the story of an extraordinary life, family bonds, and the beauty of thinking differently. 85 min. USA.

Thursday, March 15 – 1:30pm – Palm Theater
Friday, March 16 – 1:15pm – Palm Theater
Saturday, March 17 – 4pm – Palm Theater

Director: Guy Fiorita
Producer: Cassidy Hartmann