The Test & The Art of Thinking

Sponsored by Paul G. Metchik, Attorney at Law

Like it or not, the SAT/ACT college entrance exams are a true rite of passage for teenagers in the United States. For some students, it’s the bogeyman standing between them and their dreams; for others, it is something to train for as intensively as an elite athlete might train for a championship. But what does the SAT/ACT ask of its takers? What kind of skill and training does it encourage? What kind of thinking does it reward? This film explores those compelling questions, and delves deeply into the role of the SAT/ACT in modern America. 85 min. USA. Watch the trailer here

Friday, March 16 – 7:30pm – Downtown Cinemas
Saturday, March 17 – 1:45pm – Downtown Cinemas
Sunday, March 18 – 1pm – Downtown Cinemas

Director/Producer: Michael Arlen Davis
Producers: Jyll Johnstone & Sherry Daniel