Waiting for You

Sponsored by Hyde Park Partners / Susan Hirsch & Tom Sant

The story revolves around Paul (Colin Morgan) whose father lies dying, delirious and in pain, hinting at something he lost, something taken from him by his former commanding officer in the British Army. After he passes away, the angry and grieving Paul heads to the South of France where he meets the mysterious Madeleine (Fanny Ardant). Thus begins a game of cat and mouse between them. Both have dangerous secrets to reveal, and when all the painful truths seem to have been pulled into the light out comes Madeleine’s final astonishing revelation. Mystery/Drama. 92 min. UK.

Thursday, March 15 – 1pm – Downtown Cinemas
Friday, March 16 – 10am – Downtown Cinemas
Friday, March 16 – 1:45pm – Downtown Cinemas

Director: Charles Garrad
Producer: Simon Bosanquet
Writers: Charles Garrad, Hugh Stoddart
Website: waitingforyoumovie.com