What Haunts Us

Sponsored by Gary and Muriel Harkins

When Paige Tolmach hears about the suicide of yet another former high school mate, she begins to take a deeper look at the past and starts to ask questions almost no one in Charleston wants to answer. As the story unwinds, like that of a classic mystery, she uncovers the shocking truth about a beloved teacher and sports coach who wasn’t the wonderful guy they all thought he was. Her obsession to uncover the truth becomes a story about our obligation to speak up and protect those who can’t protect themselves, about how silence is complicity. There is remarkable footage in the film with the sexual predator on camera talking openly about about what he has done. 67 min. USA. Watch the trailer here

Thursday, March 15 – 4pm – Downtown Cinemas
Friday, March 16 – 4:15pm – Downtown Cinemas
Sunday, March 18 – 10am – Downtown Cinemas

Director: Paige Tolmach