2018 Testimonials


Just a very special thanks for a wonderful weekend and festival experience! I met some great folks, volunteers, made a new friend Karla our concierge, and loved spending time in your beautiful city. I feel happy and blessed to be a part of this filmmaking community and look forward to coming back again…..

Aimee Schoof

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your efforts in coordinating what was a very enjoyable experience for my wife and I. We don’t get out on our own often, so it was all the more special for us. Plus, the audience really seemed to be engaged with the film, which is always great to see. Already looking forward to SLOIFF trip #5!

Ryan Suffern

You truly made our part at the SLOIFF such a joy and we could not be more grateful to have taken part in the festival! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything we can do to help support and promote SLO Film Fest; we’re happy to do whatever we can and will sing your praises loudly while we do it, haha!

Ben Needham-Wood

Dru and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and your amazing team for a wonderful experience at the SLO International film festival 2018. We had a lot of fun and was one of our favorite festivals in the past year.

We both realized how much work it takes to make a great festival, and we want to let you know how much we both appreciate it everything.

Thiago Dadalt

Aaron and I just wanted to thank you both for an incredible, unforgettable weekend! We had such a blast at SLOIFF24 and hope to make an annual pilgrimage, whether or not we have skin in the game! It was so great to meet the other filmmakers, local SLO film fans, volunteers, and the staff. From our point of view, everything from the accommodations, to the events in the tent, to the films themselves were top notch, and we couldn’t have felt more taken care of while we were in town. Thanks again, and we’ll see you at the movies!

Will and Aaron Eisenberg

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks so much for inviting SAM DID IT to your wonderful festival, I’m so sorry I was only able to be there for the weekend activities, but what I did experience was so lovely. I got to catch a bunch of wonderful shorts, and two features and a documentary, and they were all so great! It was my first time in San Luis Obispo and my first Festival that I was able to attend, and it was so welcoming and lovely. Thanks so very much!

Dominic Burgess

Julie and I just want to thank everyone here for this incredible opportunity. The audiences have been so fantastic and the fact that for our last two screenings, you were able to extend into a second theater to accommodate most of the people who came to see our film was so gracious. Thank you again for making SLO such an incredible event! Will carry the warm memories of our experience there for a long time.

Vicki Vlasic

It was a beautiful first-class film festival!!! Thank you so much for everything and I know Harris will be there next film!!! 🙂

penny edmiston

I heard from Erik and Sandro that they had a terrific time at SLO and that they felt well-taken care of. AMAZING!!! was the word they used actually. They also said that your audiences were incredible and that people were gushing about the film.

Amy Geller

Thank you so much for putting on a stellar program! Every touchpoint throughout the festival was spectacular. You have an amazing team! We made special memories with both new and old friends. Our experience is one that my wife and I will cherish moving forward. SLOIFF feels like a turning point in our lives, thank you for making that possible!

Also, I just wanted you to know that I think the combo of the SLO Scouting tour with the SLO Film Fest is a brilliant idea! Way to take advantage of filmmakers already in town. Both experiences were amazing!  We’re sold on SLO–the community and the festival is amazing and we want to film here now. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I was already looking at home listings for sale, LOL! You have a beautiful community and space. I think it’s very smart that the film commission and the film festival have partnered up to promote this unique and special area. We can’t wait to return again and film here and submit another film to SLOIFF!!!

Alex and Noel Miranda

Thank you for such a warm welcome at SLO FF….We really had a wonderful time and I am so happy that I made it up there in time.  Great to meet you as well. We LOVE our award! We met so many interesting people. Thanks again,

Gabi Hayes

It’s impossible to imagine a more friendly group of people/volunteers and area. A super welcoming festival in all respects. SLOIFF obviously loves hosting films and filmmakers and takes immense pride in its festival. Also, I didn’t detect a hint of politics here, just an overall sense of good and fair. Don’t forget to visit the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum too – it is stellar!

Charlies Samuels

I can’t thank you enough for all of your support of me and Reception. You know first hand how competitive the festival circuit is, and I know you turned away some incredible films. THANK YOU for giving my little movie a chance. I am so proud to have premiered in SLO. The highlights throughout the weekend for me are endless- and as a first time filmmaker, and first time festival goer, to get that kind of reaction from the audience…I just can’t express to you the pride and gratitude I’ve taken home with me. Thank you for all that you do. It makes a huge difference in the lives of artists like me who until last night, wondered if people could ever relate to the feelings and ideas that I have. Please pass on my sincerest gratitude to all involved, and I hope our paths cross again- sooner rather than later 🙂

Joe Gillette

Just wanted to say thank you for setting up this beautiful hotel for us. The gift bag is amazing and the view is incredible! We arrived a couple hours ago and are about to head in to San Luis Obispo to see some of what the festival has to offer. Appreciate all your hard work in helping us feel at home while we’re here.

Joe Russell

This is such a wonderfully run festival.  I just wanted to say thanks.

Ric Serena

The festival is amazing. Team Freddy McShreddy is bowled over by the audience reaction. Great audiences, great films.

Maggie Franks

It’s nice working with a buttoned-up, coordinated festival!

Aria Razza

It was great to meet you and your team. Please tell who ever made up and did and the work on the swag bags that they are incredible. Being from here and opening up the bag, I was like, wow they really captured the central coast into a gift bag for visitors. Very very awesome, so thank you.

James Fazio

Thank you so much for all the information as well as the hotel reservation! Can’t wait for the festival! Thank you for all the hard work you and your team are doing to make this experience so special for us filmmakers.
Drew Boylan

I have done many film festivals and SLO is certainly one of the best.  Not just the films chosen and the guests invited but the camaraderie among the guests, volunteers, film buffs and lovers of the cinema.

William Wellman Jr.


I admit, in the 24-year-history of the festival I had only gone to Surf Night a few times. This was my first introduction into really soaking it in! (Do you like the rain reference with the word “soak”?!) Unfortunately that was also my birthday weekend, so friends kept me away with other plans. Shame on them! But I did manage to see the Opening Night film plus eight others, including Freddy Carrillo’s Day Off which was directed by a friend from my “other” hometown of San Clemente, Maggie Franks. I thought Streaker was hilarious and enjoyed Jack and Amanda Go Glamping among others remarkable flicks.

So, congratulations on another truly successful year! I look forward to seeing more films next year. You all did a wonderful job. It is truly an event of which San Luis Obispo should truly be proud to host.

Jane Nichols
San Luis Obispo

Thank you both for hosting such a wonderful event. We all enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to next year. We are also looking forward to continuing the tradition of presenting the award!

Paulette Rush
BHE Renewables

The evening was so SPECIAL!  I’m glad we were able to participate and create and amazing event.  I hope you’re enjoying some down time after all of the soirees!

Karen Motto
Tolosa Winery / Perinet

We had a couple come in on Saturday that tasted our wine at the SLO Film Fest. They even wrote 2 very nice Yelp reviews! Sign us up for next year!

Karen Warfield
Cutruzzola Vineyards Tasting Room

Thank you and your board and your staff and your legions of volunteers for putting on such an outstanding event. In a word, perfect.  It was a genius package of all that makes SLO what it is–the land, the human potential, the lifestyles.

Bob Shanbrom
Shanbrom Family Foundation

my friend linda just texted me that she heard this while standing in line: “thought this film festival would be rinky-dink. I’ve been to Sundance and Toronto film-fests and this is so well-organized and reasonably affordable. I’m impressed.”

Susan Minker
SLO Film Fest Board Member

As I sat among the movie goers, film after film, I found myself feeling very proud of our festival and my part in it. Even as it was happening a fellow volunteer and I kept saying, “I think this is the best year yet.” Thank you for your great work and for the opportunity to be a small part of it.

Becky Maloney
Volunteer Screener

Congrats! It has been a wonderful, educational, artistic evolution of a festival which I am proud to have been around to see. Thanks for all you do!!!

Lee Perkins
Long-time Volunteer