The Beat Generation is alive and well at the SLO Film Fest!

The Coastal Awakening is the cultural movement that has been continually evolving on the Central Coast for nearly a century. It is best described as the art, music and literature that celebrate the interplay of our magical landscape with the liberation/ personal growth/human potential movement. From the Dunites through the Big Sur Beats, Esalen seekers, writers, artists, surfers and hippies, it continues to manifest in the unique and diverse lifestyles, arts and avocations of the people of the Central Coast.

On the evening and well into the night on Wednesday, March 14, we’ll be playing a series of “Beat”-themed movies at the Palm Theatre…and what a lineup! Big thanks to series sponsor The Shanbrom Family Foundation!

Howl, Sundance Film Festival 2010, U.S. Dramatic Competition

Starting with the very off-beat Pull My Daisy (1959), we then transition to the more mainstream and current, Howl (2010), the story of Beat-poet Alan Ginsberg. Those screen together at 4pm. Then at 7pm, you can see Chuck Workman’s excellent documentary, The Source: The Story of the Beats and the Beat Generation (1999.)

At 9pm, enjoy the dark humor of Roger Corman in his wacky 1959 film, Bucket of Blood,  introduced by Bob Whiteford (former Take Two co-host with the Palm Theatre’s Jim Dee.)

All festival passes can be used for these three separate screenings (4, 7 & 9pm) and individual tickets will sold at the Palm Theatre box office 15 minutes before each screening time. Come early to get in line so you don’t miss out!

And for those of you interested in more off-beat programming at this year’s SLO Film Fest, check out the QUEER CHEAT SHEET – full of great suggestions! Thanks to Ellen Sturtz Ellen Sturtz and Carlos Romero for assembling this creative collage on behalf of GALA. For a downloadable PDF: Queer Cheat Sheet

See you at the movies!

Wendy Eidson
SLO Film Fest Director