Light in the Water

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In 1982, the inaugural Gay Games made headlines and became the inspiration for a small group of gay men in Hollywood to create the first openly gay masters swim team in the world. Lis Bartlett’s exceptional film documents this lesser known slice of history, from the founding of the West Hollywood Aquatics, through the AIDS epidemic, to the wedding of two members soon after marriage equality became legal. “Light in the Water” profiles the athletic powerhouse that fought injustice in the world of competitive sports and ultimately became a family, as they set new records in more ways than one. 75 min. USA

Director Lis Bartlett will be in attendance Saturday and Sunday.

Director: Lis Bartlett
Producers: Nathan Santell and Patty Ivins-Specht
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Saturday 4:00pm Palm Theatre
Sunday 1:15pm Palm Theatre
Sunday 3:15pm Palm Theatre