Maybe a Love Story

Sponsored by Med Stop Urgent Care / Jeri & Brian Roberts
U.S. Premiere 

Virgilio lives a controlled and organized routine until one day when he listens to a disturbing message on his answering machine. It’s Clara and she’s breaking up with him. But the problem is not the message so much as the fact that he has no idea who Clara is, or what happened! His friends call to try to cheer him up, his co-workers are worked about him – oddly everyone seems to know about his relationship with Clara – except him. 100 min. Romantic comedy. Brazil
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Key Cast: Mateus Solano, Thaila Ayala, Marco Luque
Director/Producer: Rodrigo Bernardo
Writers: Rodrigo Bernardo, Ben Frahm, Brandon Neslund

Wednesday 7:00pm Downtown Cinemas
Thursday 7:15pm Downtown Cinemas
Friday 4:30pm Downtown Cinemas