SLO Film Fest Day 3 Highlights and Updates!

Wine movies are in the spotlight today and tonight! Don’t miss the chance to meet and sip wine with Food Network chef and now documentary director, Tyler Florence, when he stops by the Fremont Theatre at 1pm for a wine tasting hosted by the Downtown Paso Robles Winery Association. He will introduce his film  UNCRUSHABLE at 2pm. Tickets are available online for only $15/$12 and all pass holders are eligible to attend. Tickets will also be available at the Fremont box office at 1pm.

If you’re in North County you can attend a meet-and-greet with Tyler Florence at JUSTIN Vineyards Tasting Room on the Park in Downtown Paso Robles at 5:30pm before the 7pm screening of UNCRUSHABLE at the Park Cinemas. A limited number of tickets are available for that reception and movie. Only mogul passes will be accepted at the JUSTIN reception, but all passes can be used for the movie at the Park Cinemas.

We are also very excited to present the World Premiere of TIN CITY, a film about a Paso Robles business district that is all about wine, beer, distilleries and restaurants! Paso filmmaker Dina Mande will be in attendance for a Q&A, along with some cast and crew from the documentary.

That screening is happening at 7pm at the Fremont Theatre – after the opening film, BECOMING RICH, directed by Carlos Plummer. San Luis Obispo magician Rich Ferguson is profiled in this short documentary. Tickets are available online for this double-bill and all pass holders are welcome!

There’s SO much more happening on Thursday too…this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are also a lot of filmmakers in town from all over the world, and here’s the current list of who will be at which films for Q&A’s!

Vanessa Pridgen, Animator – TWO BALLOONS
Robert Jury, Director/Writer/Producer – WORKING MAN
Lovell Holder, Producer – WORKING MAN
David Malouf, Director/Writer – THE PHAROAHS
Don Malouf, Sound Supervisor – THE PHAROAHS
Tyler Florence, Director – UNCRUSHABLE
Lauren Schwartzman, Director – DUST RISING & URBAN FOREST
Nick Vallelonga, Director – UNORGANIZED CRIME
Kenny D’Aquila, Writer/Actor – UNORGANIZED CRIME
Alex Meneses, Actor – UNORGANIZED CRIME
(Tentative: Chazz Palminteri, Actor – UNORGANIZED CRIME)
Michele Noble, Director/Producer – RECLAMATION: THE RISE AT STANDING ROCK
Paul Alberghetti, Exec. Producer – RECLAMATION: THE RISE AT STANDING ROCK
Zachary Stauffer, Director – WHO KILLED LT. VAN DORN?
Josh Victor Rothstein, Director – EVERY OTHER WEEKEND
Caroline Kassie, Producer – A GIRL NAMED C
Leon Chambers, Director/Producer – ABOVE THE CLOUDS
Andrew Murton, Actor – ABOVE THE CLOUDS
Nate Duncan, Director/Writer/Producer – THE INTERVIEW
Tony Gapastione, Producer – THE INTERVIEW
Carlos Plummer, Director – BECOMING RICH
Rich Ferguson, Actor – BECOMING RICH
Dina Mande, Director – TIN CITY
Alonso Mayo, Director – TRANSFORMATIONS
Rob Garver, Director – WHAT SHE SAID: PAULINE KAEL
David Holbrooke, Director – TAKE THE HILL
Dick & Anne Grace, cast – TAKE THE HILL
Vincent DeLuca, Exec. Prod/DP – TAKE THE HILL
Steven Oritt, Director – ACCIDENTAL CLIMBER
Corey Bobker, Producer – ACCIDENTAL CLIMBER
Guillermo Garcia Lopez, Director – DELICATE BALANCE

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