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The 26th Annual King Vidor Award was presented to Director/Screenwriter/Producer, Lawrence Kasdan.

With a long impressive list of screenwriting and directing credits, Lawrence Kasdan is the perfect honoree for our 26th Annual Career Achievement Award. His movies are an eclectic mix of genres, showing his vast range as an artist, much like the namesake of this award, King Vidor.
His earliest screenplays in 1977, BODY HEAT and CONTINENTAL DIVIDE, brought attention to him as a fresh new talent in Hollywood prompting him to be hired by George Lucas to write RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and shortly after, the first sequel to STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

He then focused on movies that he wrote, directed, and produced and garnered four Oscar and two Golden Globe nominations for THE BIG CHILL (1984), ACCIDENTAL TOURIST (1989) and GRAND CANYON (1992.) He also wrote and directed BODY HEAT, WYATT EARP, SILVERADO and many more, some in partnership with his wife Meg Kasdan.

More recently he wrote STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS and then collaborated with his son Jonathan to write the screenplay for SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. He and Meg also directed and produced the short documentary LAST WEEK AT ED’S, which was in competition at the 2020 SLO Film Festival.

View Lawrence Kasdan’s acceptance speech:

Who Was King Vidor?
The King Vidor Award is named for prolific director King Vidor, who became a leader in a fledgling industry that began around the time he was born, in 1894. He was the first president of the Directors Guild of America, one of the few directors to successfully shift from the silent era to “talkies,” and was responsible for a mind-boggling number of enduring classics. For 25 years, this award has been presented to a series of talented individuals who fulfill the high standards set by this amazing man, who also had a passion for his ranch in Paso Robles.