Sponsored by Joanne & Phil Ruggles
California Premiere 

On Jan. 13, 2018, an incoming missile alert was issued in Hawaii. Residents were told to seek shelter in a message that concluded: “This is not a drill.” For Larry and Penny, the fate of the world hung in the balance for 40 minutes as they sheltered in their hotel room awaiting their fate! 13 min. Comedy. USA

Director and Writer Michael Feld, Director Josh Covitt, Producers Brent McHenry and Nick Clifford, and Actors Julie Brister and Johnny Meeks will be in attendance Saturday and Sunday.

Key Cast: Julie Brister and Johnny Meeks
Directors: Michael Feld and Josh Covitt
Writer: Steve Feld, Michael Feld and Josh Covitt
Producers: Brent McHenry and Nick Clifford
Website:  www.40minutesovermaui.com
Movie Trailer

Saturday 10:15am Palm Theatre
Saturday 4:15pm Palm Theatre
Sunday 1:30pm Palm Theatre