Sponsored by Ann Robinson, in Memory of Lou Robinson

Bravely addressing one of the most pervasive and taboo subjects in this country, “A Girl Named C” tackles child sexual assault head-on in this sensitive and touching documentary. C was raped in her New Jersey elementary school by another 11-year old student. After being denied justice and resolution and dealing with extreme PTSD, with the help of her very supportive family C is determined to share her story. Her drawings and poetry beautifully illustrate and animate her inner life and what it means for a child to live through trauma. 70 min. USA/Canada
Content Warning: This film contains discussions of sexual assault. 

Director, Writer, and Produce Emily Kassie will be in attendance on Thursday and Friday.

Director/Writer: Emily Kassie
Producers: Emily Kassie, Aidan Shipley, Caroline Kassie
Website: https://www.agirlnamedc.com
Movie Trailer

Thursday 4:00pm Palm Theatre
Friday 10:00am Palm Theatre
Friday 4:15pm Palm Theatre