Sponsored by Diversity Coalition of SLO County, Police and Community Together, Cal Poly Black Faculty and Staff, R.A.C.E. Matters SLO County, and Erica A. Stewart

SLO Film Fest alum and professional speaker, Robin Hauser (“Code: Debugging the Gender Gap”) is back with another thought-provoking documentary, and this one even features local resident Blake Irving. As humans we are biased, yet few of us are willing to acknowledge it. We confidently make snap judgements, but are shockingly unaware of the impact of our assumptions. This fascinating film takes us on a journey to uncover hidden biases and explore how unconscious bias affects relationships, workplaces, our justice system and technology. “Bias” contemplates whether it’s possible to de-bias our brains? 88 min. USA

Director and Produce Robin Hauser will be in attendance Wednesday through Saturday. 

Director: Robin Hauser
Producers: Robin Hauser and Christie Herring
Website: https://www.biasfilm.com
Movie Trailer

Wednesday 7:00pm The Rock
Thursday 5:00pm The Rock
Friday 7:00pm Downtown Cinemas