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Two hours west of Havana in the rust colored fields of Vinales, famous for growing the best tobacco in the world, Salt Lake City resident and amateur photographer Carl Oelerich introduces us to the Campesino life. For 15 years, sneaking into Cuba and photographing this culture has been his passion, returning to the same people year after year. Through his relationships and striking black and white images, we meet a cast of characters whose candid conversations overflow with insight, hardship, humor and gratitude. “Campesino” introduces us to a world preserved by time, on the brink of major change. 90 min. USA/Cuba

Director Mia Tate will be in attendance from Thursday through Sunday. 

Director: Mia Tate
Writers: Mia Tate and Michael Chandler
Producers: Mia Tate and Tchavdar Georgiev
Website: http://www.campesinothemovie.com
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