Sponsored by Cal Poly and Allan Hancock Community College
North American Premiere 

Set on three continents, this thought-provoking movie explores several issues that threaten humanity. African residents risk their lives trying to cross the Melilla border to freedom in Europe. Japanese executives are caught in a vicious cycle of corporate jobs and consumerism, without time to enjoy life. Families in Spain live on the streets, due to their nation’s economic downturn. The stories are engagingly woven together by José Mujica, former president of Uruguay. He poses profound questions for all of us yet offers hope for those who never give up. Subtitles. 83 min. Spain

Director and Producer Guillermo García López will be in attendance from Tuesday through Thursday.

Writer/Director: Guillermo García López
Producer: Sintagma Films
Movie Trailer

Wednesday 4:00pm Downtown Cinemas
Thursday 7:30pm The Rock
Friday 4:00pm Downtown Cinemas