Sponsored by Vic and Carol Ascrizzi

“Duke” is a heartwarming story about a non-verbal autistic 17-year-old boy struggling in school and at home. With an overprotective mother and barely-there father, Duke must fight to find his voice, stay in school and keep his family from falling apart. Based on a true story. 16 min. Drama. USA

Writer, Director, and Producer Thiago Dadalt, Writer and Producer Dru Miller, the “Real” ‘Duke,’ and Co-Producer Dawnella Trammell will be in attendance from Thursday through Sunday.

Key cast: Robert Solomon, Piercey Dalton
Director: Thiago Dadalt
Writers: Thiago Dadalt, Dru Miller
Producers: Thiago Dadalt, Dru Miller, Ekin Ergen, Bruna Nogueira, Andre Chesini
Website: https://www.dellenmillerproductions.com
Movie Trailer

Friday 1:15pm Palm Theatre
Saturday 10:30am Palm Theatre
Saturday 1:00pm Palm Theatre