Sponsored by Latino Outreach Council

This behind-the-scenes documentary chronicles the lives of Mexican-American wine producers and migrant workers in California – their hard work, artistry and the struggles they face both economically and politically to survive. Their poignant stories are intimate and emotional, heightened by unpredictable weather, labor shortages, immigration crackdowns and the devastating 2017 wildfires in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys that ravaged vineyards and killed 43. The film opens your eyes to the lives behind the bottles of wine we enjoy – and sets the stage for much larger stories about migration, politics and the American Dream. 100 min. USA

Director Bernardo Ruiz will be in attendance Saturday and Sunday.

Director: Bernardo Ruiz
Producers: Lauren Capps and Bernardo Ruiz

Saturday 1:00pm Park Cinemas
Sunday 1:00pm Downtown Cinemas
Sunday 3:30pm Downtown Cinemas