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California Premiere 

The name of this film might evoke images of gorgeous beaches and luaus, but think again. This is the story of Andrei and his father Vasile, who live in communist Romania and can only dream of those images when they find out about an inheritance in Hawaii that they can’t inherit. The concept of private property does not exist in communist Romania. But that doesn’t mean they are going to give up. 116 min. Drama/comedy. Germany

Key Cast: Dragos Bucur, Cristina Flutur, Constanin Cojocaru
Director: Jesus del Cerro
Writers: Jesus del Cerro, Manuel Feijoo Aragon, Beatriz Gonzales Cruz, Ruxandra Ghitescu
Producers: Jesus del Cerro and Dragos Bucur
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Thursday 1:00pm Downtown Cinemas
Thursday 4:00pm Downtown Cinemas
Sunday 3:30pm Downtown Cinemas