Samantha Pruitt – Faces of Adventure

This video is part of an Adventure Aide original series called Faces of Adventure. San Luis Obispo resident Samantha Pruitt is a self-proclaimed ex-couch potato who lost 50 lbs, rebuilt her body and entire life after discovering endurance sports at the age of 33. She has since dedicated the last 16 years to inspiring and coaching others to use endurance sports, outdoor adventure and human connection as powerful tools for change in their own lives. Along her transformational journey, Samantha has become an IronWoman, Ultra Endurance Athlete and Adventure Athlete, finishing hundreds of races.

Samantha is a female entrepreneur, professional race director, podcast host, event consultant, brand ambassador, endurance lifestyle coach, wife and Mom. This next year she is fully committed to becoming #FierceAtFifty by continuing to level up both her own life and the lives of those she touches.

Join Samantha on Saturday, March 16 at 8am at our Festival Lounge for a short chat about endurance experiences and then take a fun run with her through San Luis Obispo, winding up at the screening of this short film about her, playing before RUNNING MAN OF PASADENA and ACCIDENTAL CLIMBER.

Saturday  8:00am Talk/Run  FREE   Festival Lounge
Saturday 10:15am  Movie   Downtown Cinemas
Participants will have the opportunity to purchase a pass for the screening at 10:30pm (but will have first come, first served access with other pass holders)