Sponsored by Paul and Robyn Metchik

We opened our 2012 Festival with this award-winning documentary with filmmakers Laura Davis and Tjardus Greidanus and Drs. Peter and Jonathan Salk in attendance. We are excited to bring back this amazing film about the story of the polio vaccine – a horror story could not be more dramatic.

A mysterious disease strikes its young victims without warning each summer. Parents no longer allow their children to go to public pools or movie theatres for fear they might contract the potentially fatal disease. But Dr. Jonas Salk, an unknown 33-year-old scientist, would soon become a true American hero as he tirelessly led his brilliant team of scientists in a race against the clock, to develop a vaccine that would conquer the dreaded disease threatening the lives of millions. Documentary. 67 min. USA

Director Tjardus Greidanus and Producer Laura Davis will be in attendance for the screening on Friday.

Friday 4:00pm Fremont Theatre