SLO Film Festival Featured in MovieMaker Magazine

“The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival was one of the countless public gatherings that changed its plans because of COVID-19 — but it didn’t cancel them. Instead, it went online, becoming one of a growing number of temporarily online film festivals.

“I doubted that many filmmakers would agree to sharing movies in this public way, but decided it was worth asking,” SLO festival director Wendy Eidson told MovieMaker. “I put together an email to all the filmmakers and got an amazingly positive response almost instantly.”

The festival, in an idyllic town is Coastal California, may be a model at a time when many film festivals — from the cancelled SXSW to the postponed Tribeca and Cannes — decide the best way forward. Several are making the best of things with pivots to online, for the time being.” (From MovieMaker Magazine)

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