Our Next Best in Fest Film: My Mother’s Wound

It’s probably no surprise to most of you that our Festival audiences are diehard documentary lovers. Nine of the ten Best in the Fest movies from the last 10 years are in fact documentaries.

While the Turkish feature, MY MOTHER’S WOUND, was easily one of my very favorite films in the 2017 Festival, I think it’s interesting that it grabbed the audience the way it did and became the only narrative feature winner in ten years!

Often audiences are won over by filmmakers who entertain and thrill audiences during the Q&A segment of each screening, and this can enhance a voter’s evaluation on their way out of the theatre. But foreign filmmakers are often unable to attend festivals and in this case, talented Polish director Ozan Açiktan was not in attendance.

Some festival goers aren’t big fans of subtitles even though the SLO Film Fest always has a healthy number of foreign films programmed each year.MY MOTHER’S WOUNDis about as “international” as it gets – filmed in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina by an international film crew, with leading roles played by German and Turkish actors – complete with English subtitles!
Despite all the odds, in March 2017 MY MOTHER’S WOUND scored an almost perfect score to win the top audience award, so the bottom line must be because it’s A REALLY GOOD MOVIE!


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Thank you to our 2020 sponsors for their loyal support of the SLO Film Fest and for looking for ways to also support our community in these challenging times.Today’s Sponsor in the Spotlight is one of our 2020 Executive Producers, City of San Luis Obispo.

In 2010 SLO was dubbed “The Happiest City in America”, and we all know why.  Besides all the other things the City does, it also partners with large regional events such as ours to increase tourism and fill hotels, restaurants and businesses.  That’s where the partnership between the City of SLO and our Festival started, and where it grows year after year.  Join us in thanking our wonderful partner for so many years! 

We hope you’re enjoying the Best in the Fest films, please send us your feedback or let us know what your watching! You can still view past weeks Best in the Fest Films here. Have you started a movie group? What was the best film you’ve seen the last few weeks? Let us know!

Wendy, Skye and the SLO Film Fest Board and Staff

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