The Most Dangerous Man in America?

Over the many years I’ve been involved in the SLO Film Fest, I happily recall some favorite “festival moments”….experiences that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Daniel Ellsberg was responsible for two of my memorable moments, and I’m guessing many of the lucky audience present at the screening of this documentary will remember one of them very clearly.

To say we were all excited to honor this brave man who singlehandedly changed history and transformed our nation’s political discourse is an understatement. When I led Daniel Ellsberg and director/producer Judith Ehrlich into the back of the Downtown Cinemas theatre to be introduced before the movie began, the capacity audience instantly leapt to their feet to give him a standing ovation. It was a thrilling experience and the first time I’d seen someone get a standing O just for being in the room. He got another one at the end of the film of course, and the Q&A with him and Judith Ehrlich was also notable because not one person left the theatre during the credits!

My other “festival moment” that evening was the experience of having a cup of tea with him and Judith while the film was screening. I was literally starstruck at Starbucks! Being in the presence of this brilliant, soft spoken hero was truly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had as the Festival Director. When you see this film, I think you’ll understand why.

Standing O at Downtown Cinema screening at 2010 SLO Film Festival


On May 23rd, film festival audiences across North America will join together for a virtual screening of the documentary LIFE IN SYNCHRO and filmmaker Q&A. PLUS, when you purchase tickets using the link below, proceeds will be split between us and the filmmakers.
Suggested group watch times: (or you can view anytime over the weekend)
May 23rd, 2020
Start the Film: 3:00pm PDT
Join the Q&A: 4:00pm PDT

Thank you to our 2020 sponsors for their loyal support of the SLO Film Fest and for looking for ways to also support our community in these challenging times.Today’s Sponsor in the Spotlight is one of our 2020 Producers, KSBY.

It would be very difficult to have a local film festival without the help of the local television station.  And even through several ownership changes, the local management of KSBY  has always been a great supporter and sponsor of the SLO Film Festival.  KSBY broadcasts coverage to San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, and provides essential promotional ad spots to our local audience.  Join us in thanking KSBY for being a great media sponsor for the SLO Film Festival and for much of the non-profit community as well! 

We hope you’re enjoying the Best in the Fest films, please send us your feedback or let us know what your watching! You can still view past weeks Best in the Fest Films here.  We also hope to see you vitrually on Saturday at Film Festival Day! 

Wendy, Skye and the SLO Film Fest Board and Staff

Purchased tickets for the 2020 Film Festival? You have until June 15th to let us know what you like to do with your tickets! Please visit here to explore ticketing options.

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