“Everything old is new again!” – an idiom that perfectly sums up the fascinating history of the vinyl record which seemingly vanished into relative obscurity in the 80s, but is now one of the hottest trends again worldwide. Some wonder how that can be, given the ease, quality and accessibility of digital music. But there’s just something about spinning vinyl, and VINYL NATION does a deep dive into what that something might be.

Filmmakers Kevin Smokler and Christopher Boone trace the history as well as the technical side of record production, and find a collection of passionate fans, musicians, technicians and designers who share their knowledge and theories.

You don’t need to be a diehard record lover to enjoy this movie. Everyone from aging boomers to millennials and Gen Z’s will enjoy this tribute to an ageless and even addictive art form.

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Palm Theatre owner (and vinyl enthusiast) Jim Dee, when he talks to filmmakers Kevin Smokler, Christopher Boone, SLO vinyl expert Malik Miko Thorne and Kristy Duncan, Cal Poly/KCPR alum who built her own turntable after being inspired by VINYL NATION.