The 5Point Adventure Film Festival, the Fremont Theater and the SLO Film Fest are teaming up to present an outdoor film program featuring the best of the 2019 festival’s short adventure films – including climbing, biking, skiing, watersports and running. The five points that shine through in every 5Point Adventure Film Festival program are Respect, Commitment, Humility, Balance and Purpose.

Enjoy the following short films that will play back-to-back on the Big Screen at the Fremont Theater on Saturday, December 7th at 7pm.

KAI JONES: FAR OUT (United States, 5 min)
Director: Steve Jones, Todd Jones, Blake Campbell

Director: Aubrey Aden-Buie

8000+ (Pakistan, 21 min)
Director: Antoine Girard, Christian Schmidt
Spirit of Adventure Award 2019 – 5Point Adventure Film Festival

(PEOPLE) OF WATER (United States, 23 min)
Director: Forest Woodward / Producer: Dan Riordan
Creative Excellence Award 2019 – 5Point Adventure Film Festival

LIFE OF PIE (United States, 11 min)
Director: Ben Knight, Travis Rummel / Producer: Travis Rummel
People’s Choice Award 2019 and Pure Joy Award 2019 – 5Point Adventure Film Festival

SPEAK TO ME SOFTLY (United States, 6 min)
Director: Henna Taylor Producer: Matthew Hood

SAFE HAVEN  (United States, 8 min)
Director and Producer: Wondercamp, Greg Balkin

SAND IN THE SKY (United States, 4 min)
Director: Dana Saint

(United States,17 min)
Director: Audrey Buchanan / Producer: Kaylee Cole, Douglas Miles, Dream Hampton, Archana Chattha, Vijay Chattha
Hayden Kennedy Award 2019 (Formerly the 5Point Award) – 5Point Adventure Film Festival

FOR THE LOVE OF MARY (United States, 6 min)
Director and Producer: Simon Perkins, Kirk Horton

Established in 2008, 5Point Adventure Film Festival is a non-profit organization on a mission to ignite personal and communal adventure of all kinds through the experience of sharing meaningful stories. 5Point continues to deliver a unique film viewing experience by combining passionate athletes, artists, filmmakers, short documentary films, and local communities. The organization supports emerging filmmakers and stories through the 5Point Film Fund, and organizes a student scholarship program called the Dream Project that provides support for high school students to realize their dreams. Please visit for more information.

This screening will benefit the 2020 SLO Film Fest! Tickets are on sale now.

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