Our Mission
To expand minds, open hearts, and entertain people through worldwide independent cinema.

Our Vision

Provide a year-round destination for international independent cinema, promoting diversity, understanding, education, and inclusion through engaging storytelling.  Our world-class annual festival in San Luis Obispo County, along with events throughout the year, provide a venue for international and local filmmakers, exposing an ever-expanding range of audiences to new ideas and experiences.

Located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, surrounded by lush vineyards, ranch land and a 100-mile coastline, the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (SLO Film Fest) is headquartered in the quaint, sophisticated downtown of San Luis Obispo on the spectacular Central Coast of California. As a premiere 6-day annual event, the SLO Film Fest showcases contemporary and classic film screenings in a wide variety of venues, from the city’s classic art deco Fremont Theatre, to the popular independent Palm Theatre, with a variety of unexpected venues from the wine country of Paso Robles to the seaside town of Morro Bay.