SFF Access & Inclusion Information
San Luis Obispo International Film Festival welcomes all visitors to screenings and events and makes every effort to ensure the program is accessible to our whole audience. We use a number of external venues, please see the venue-specific information at the bottom of this page for details. 
Please email info@slofilmfest.org for specific access requests, when booking your tickets you can also provide specific access needs, these will be reviewed by venue coordinators before your arrival.


Wheelchair Spaces
San Luis Obispo International Film Festival’s venues have a limited number of wheelchair spaces. See below in the Venue Specific Access Information field for the number of spaces available in each cinema across the Festival.

Assistance Animals
Assistance animals are welcome at all festival events and venues. 

Assistive Listening
Not all festival venues have assistive listening devices. See the venue specific information below for details.

ASL Interpreters will be available for specific special events, such as Opening Night and Closing Night remarks.

Subtitled Screenings
All foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

Virtual Festival
Join us May 1-5 2024 for our virtual festival. Please note not all films have closed captions. 


These fully captioned films and play with open captions on the screen. 


888 Marsh St. San Luis Obispo
Accessibility & wheelchair spaces
Wheelchair Access Elevator by Starbucks that comes down to our location for easy access.

  • Theater 3:has 136 seats with one wheelchair space and one companion seat in the back left and right. There’s a space for wheelchairs in the front on the right and left side.
  • Theater 4: has an entrance on the right side only. It has 2 wheelchair spaces in the back right and 2 companion seats besides the spaces. Theater 4 has 48 seats and these include the 2 wheelchair spaces and 2 companion seats.
  • Theater 5: 86 seats total including: 2 wheelchair spaces in the back right and one wheelchair space in the front right. Additionally, there’s a companion seat by each wheelchair space.
  • Theater 5 has aisles on both the right and left side.
  • Theater 6: 85 seats total including: 2 wheelchair spaces in the back right and left with one companion seat on the left and right also. Theater 6 has aisles on both the right and left side.
    Restrooms: Men’s and Women’s bathrooms have 2 stalls that are wheelchair accessible.
    Audio Listening Devices: 10 hearing assistant headphones and 10 closed captioning box devices that have subtitles, ask theatre staff.

817 Palm St. San Luis Obispo 
Accessibility: All 3 theaters are accessible.  1 Wheelchair space at the back of each theater.
Restrooms:(1) near lobby/entrance
Wheelchair Access: Front door entrance
Audio Listening Devices: 9 headsets that amplify sound can be picked up at concessions.


1035 Monterey St. San Luis Obispo
Accessibility:All of the ADA accessible seats are at the back of the hall. 10 total seats available. 5 on each side of the theater. 3 companion seats and 2 wheelchair spaces per side.
Restrooms: (1) In lobby near the managers office
Wheelchair Access: From either side of the ADA Sections, Companion Seats,6 total available.
Audio Listening Devices: No listening devices


1100 Pine St, Paso Robles, CA 93446
Accessibility: Auditorium #1 – Has space for 5 wheelchairs and is accessible through the front door of the building. It has an exit only door leading outside as well.
Restrooms: Located in same hallway going in to auditorium #1 on the left side

Parking/Loading: There is a loading zone outside of the Fremont, this is for festival use and patrons that need it


464 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay 93442
Accessibility: Theater is wheelchair accessible from the main entrance. 312 seats, and 4 Wheelchair spaces near the back of the theater. Emergency exit-only doors to back alley on either side of the movie screen.
Restrooms: 1 Men’s and 1 Women’s Restroom in the lobby, each with ADA accessible stalls.
Wheelchair Access: Front door entrance on Morro Bay Blvd.
Audio Listening Devices: Headsets that amplify sound and Closed Captioning boxes with subtitles can be picked up at concessions. 


Accessible Parking
Anyone with a valid disabled parking placard, displayed correctly, can park on the streets of San Luis Obispo for free as long as the vehicle is not in a commercial zone, a passenger loading zone, or a Red curb.
You can view accessible spaces here: Accesible Parking Spaces in Downtown SLO
Please notify us if you need additional parking support for accessibility needs.

Bhe renewables logo featuring an abstract red shape and company name.


We’re thrilled to partner with BHE Renewables to ensure the SLO Film Fest is an inclusive event for all film lovers. Their support has enabled us to enhance accessibility features, both digitally and physically, making independent cinema accessible to everyone. We’re grateful for their dedication to inclusivity and look forward to welcoming a diverse audience to experience the magic of film together. Thank you, BHE Renewables, for being our ally in this important mission.