BOTSO: The Teacher from Tbilisi is the amazing story of nonagenarian Wachtung “Botso” Korisheli – musician, sculptor, beloved teacher to generations and an inspiring example of human resilience. Escaping Stalinist Georgia into Nazi Poland and Germany, Botso eventually found his way to Morro Bay. Through interviews with him and many musicians and artists he has mentored, and in sequences filmed on a trip to his native Republic of Georgia, the picture of a uniquely warm, creative, and gentle soul emerges.

Even if you had a chance to see it when it was released, this is a wonderful life-affirming documentary you will no doubt enjoy watching again.

It is available now at no charge for one month (April 15 – May 15) courtesy of the producers.

Director/Producer: Tom Walters
Writer/Producer: Hilary Grant
Producer: David Thayer
Cinematographer: Simo Nylander
Editor: Randi Barros
82 min.