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When it appears that his novel is going to be published, high school English teacher and once famous novelist Nicholas Cutler thinks his luck has finally changed. But what promises to be the best week of his professional life spirals into seven days of personal hell. A pregnant girlfriend, a student in trouble with the law, a gravely ill brother-in-law and the prospects of living a life of unfulfilled dreams forces him to re-examine what is most important in his life.
Comedy | 96 min. | Australia

Director/Writer: Heath Davis
Producer: Joe Weatherstone
Key Cast: Alan Dukes, Susan Prior, Toby Schmitz


Wednesday, March 18 – DCC – 1:15pm
Thursday, March 19 – DCC – 10:00am – Screens with BALLOON
Friday, March 20 – DCC – 1:00pm – Screens with YOUR MONSTER