Sponsored by Susan Minker
Fereshteh’s family is in a tailspin. Her father has gone bankrupt due to the troubled Iranian economy and is in jail, thanks to a devious business partner. Fereshteh, her mother, and younger siblings are now living in a small, dilapidated house with creditors knocking on their door regularly. To feed her family and save their dwindling pride, Fereshteh’s mother sells the home appliances…but that’s not enough. The last creditor wants Fereshteh instead of the money owed him and she is faced with a decision that will affect her entire family. Drama. 90 min. Iran.

Thursday, March 16 1:00pm Fremont Theatre
Sunday, March 19 3:30pm Mission Theatre

Director: Hassan Akhondpour
Co-Writers: Hassan Akhondpour, Raouf Dashti, & Ali Hatami Nezhad
Producer: Ebrahim Asghari