Sponsored by Dawn Ortiz Legg
Finding Oscar is the story of the search for justice in the case of the 1982 Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala, and the two little boys, Oscar and Ramiro, who were abducted during the slaughter and raised by some of the very soldiers who had murdered their families. These boys offer the only living evidence that ties the Guatemalan government to the massacre. Many spent decades looking for answers—from the human-rights worker who first heard the story to the forensic anthropologists trying to identify victims and contact families. Directed by Festival alum Ryan Suffern and produced by Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg. (Warning – graphic images.) 95 min. USA/Guatemala.

Friday, March 17 1:00pm Downtown Centre
Saturday, March 18 4:00pm Downtown Centre

Director: Ryan Suffern
Co-Writers: Mark Monroe & Ryan Suffern
Co-Producers: Frank Marshall & Ryan Suffern